Third time’s the charm…

Dear, sweet Wasabi. Why? That’s what you’re all collectively groaning. I say “you’ll”… Hi Ma & other relative.

Anyway, if you’re reading this through some random URL redirect, or via some SEO malfunction, hi! If you’re a returning reader, let me take a moment to explain why I’m coming out of retirement, what I hope to achieve, and what kind of content to expect. 

Firstly, and quite simply, I miss writing. I used to do it a lot. A LOT. I’m pretty sure that my writing, at the time, was up there with the very best. I was named one of the top 50 most influential writers in the Nintendo scene, lest we forget. Seriously, name anyone whose written content was more engaging, personable, informative, and well thought out.  I’ll wait (sound off in the comments…) I just never caught a break…

Alright, I was a dick, but a prolific dick and in my own inimitable way, I built an empire from absolutely nothing, before single-handedly destroying it overnight. Like all great dictators though, when it was all gone, I inevitably missed it dearly. Unlike the aforementioned folk, I have the chance to regain everything. On account that everything wasn’t all that much to anyone except me. And maybe Dave! Also, fuck Dave!

However, while I used to be driven by unique views, preview access, and sick swag, all I want now is a safe place to write, vent, express, and share my passing musing on the world of gaming with a community that was always incredibly welcoming to me. To clarify, despite the god-tier name, Nintendad isn’t an exclusively Nintendo space. I’ll talk about Xbox, PlayStation, and if I’m feeling particularly boisterous, SEGA too. 

I’m not intending to do reviews, though never say never. Despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoy smashing through games at an ungodly pace, and subsequently pulling all-nighters in order to have content ready… wait. I don’t miss that at all. I hated that. Like, full Anakin/sand!! Fack it. I’ll review games if I’m given a decent lead time or if they’re cute indie titles. NB – Inimitable Indies…..

To cut a long story short, I’m fully intending to post regularly. Semi-regularly at least….. I’m going to aim for weekly content (on an incredibly loose release schedule), before undoubtedly reevaluating my efforts before deciding upon monthly content, before almost certainly disappearing entirely from the scene, once more….