The Nintendad Christmas Gift Guide 2021

The only Christmas gift guide you’ll probably need

It’s that time of the year again and as the big day approaches I break down the best products that the internet has to offer in an attempt to relieve some of the stress of shopping for the video game crazy loved one in your life. Everything here has been Nintendad tried and tested. I personally own each and every item in this list and can recommend them with a clear conscience. I was going to search every inch of the internet to find the best prices on these products but, unfortunately, time made a fool of me and as such, this is going live a lot later than I would have liked.

So, to make sure your gifts reach you and your loved ones in time, the links included here direct you to the South American river site and their questionable use of cardboard (and ethics)!

Let’s take a deep dive into the dark underworld of the house of Mario and look at the must-have money-munching merch.

For the little kids

LEGO Super Mario

We all knew it was coming although when it did arrive it probably wasn’t what anyone expected, Nintendo demonstrating their inimitable approach to business and whimsical style in equal measure. While it might not be the epic 20,000 pieces Princess Peach’s castle we all dreamed of, LEGO Super Mario perfectly marries the two iconic brands in a package that’s both engaging and accessible.

Nintendo Switch Lite

It’s like the Nintendo Switch, only lighter. And it doesn’t technically Switch. Still, as handheld devices go it’s a perfectly cromulent offering and it’s ideal for kids.

Pokemon games

Honestly, I think that Pokemon as a game series is a little tired but what do I know, really? BD/SP sold more in 3 days than Metroid Dread has to date so…

Besides, I’m just bitter that Bulbasaur wasn’t available right off the bat in Sword and Shield. Old wounds and all that!

My Friend Peppa Pig

Kids love Peppa Pig. That’s just how it is. My Friend Peppa Pig is the perfect gateway game, an excellent learning aid for future gamers. It teaches you how to navigate from A to B and how to use the action button to interact with objects.

Now if our dear Prime Minister hasn’t deterred kids across the country from enjoying the simple delights of Peppa, George and all. I still remember the evening my significantly better half sent me a message that simply read “BJ PM”. It’s all been downhill since then….

Colourful accessories – PDP & PowerA

If there’s one thing I love, it’s controllers. Nintendo makes some great models but Power A and PDP take Nintendo Switch accessories and turn them up to eleven. PDP make a lovely looking headset too that complements the Joy-Con quite nicely indeed.

Anything Mario

Toys!! Slather them in a generous lick of Super Mario branding and they immediately become a whole lot more awesome.

For the big kids

Xmas jumpers

Ugly jumpers. Love them or hate them but never try to deny them.

LEGO question mark block

While the adventure sets are very much aimed at kids, there can be absolutely no doubt that this particular trip down memory lane is one for the big kids.


Whether you’re looking for an entry level capture card or just a means of using your laptop as a display device for your games console, the ShadowCast is a must-have product. It’s incredibly affordable and small too, making it the ideal stocking filler.

Metroid Dread

GOTY 2021? Indubitably. We may have had to wait almost two decades for the fifth entry into the 2D Metroid saga but boy, was it worth the wait. As far as Nintendo Switch exclusives go, there isn’t a more perfect game.

Game and Watch

These lovely little pieces celebrate Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda in quaint fashion and, while not for everyone, will delight collectors and ardent fans alike.

Smart lights

Once January rolls around how are we going to create mood and ambience in abundance? With Smart lights. The choice has never been more varied, the technology, um, smarter and the piece more affordable. Don’t delay, improve your lighting options today!

Switch Player Mag

Switch Player Magazine is an absolute gem that deserves to be supported more. With a gorgeous, themed cover from a talented artist – every single issue – to the high-quality features, it’s a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hey, they even do reviews if you haven’t heard of the internet. Why not get a subscription set up for your nerdy neighbour or geeky grandma today? They’ll thank you for it later.

For the family

Mario Party Superstars

I’ve had countless hours of fun with Mario Party Superstars with my own daughter, which means that it’s a winner. Nintendad tried and tested, and easily accessible by adults and younglings, regardless of their gaming aptitude.

LEGO Super Mario

See above, and envision spending some quality time with the family in the meantime. I’d be remiss to not reiterate one of my genuine gripes from the playsets, however, which is the lack of paper instructions and the need for the temperamental smartphone app in order to put the sets together. The way I see it is, I’m trying to encourage my kids to put the devices down and challenge themselves to create. Which they’ll need a smartphone or tablet to do….

Lightning Fibre Broadband

If like me, you live in this particular corner of prison island that has yet to experience the opulent delights of full-fibre internet, then you’ll no doubt be delighted to find that there is a lovely local company offering just that. Full fibre to the kerb for all of your gaming/streaming/browsing needs. It’s worth mentioning that Lightning Fibre are very much a local company for local people and their product is only available in select territories in the South East of England.