[Week in Review] Sept 15 – 21

Written by Thomas Haroldsen
A week in Review


This week saw a lot of old games making a comeback with a fresh coat of paint. A major Nintendo hit among them and a new hardware release. Whatever your flavor of game, there is certainly something new coming out to fill your growing library of Nintendo Switch games. Take a look at our reviews and see if Nintendad can help you find a game that’s a perfect fit.


Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review

Super Dodgeball Beats is a joy to play, look at, and listen to, with local multiplayer mode offering plenty of longevity.


Castle Crashers Remastered Nintendo Switch Review

Castle Crashers Remastered recaptures the joy of hacking and slashing with a team while laughing your guts out.

Niffelheim Nintendo Switch Review

Niffelheim proves to be equal parts addicting and frustrating. There is just enough substance to keep forgiving survival-junkies playing.


Deadly Premonitions Origins Nintendo Switch Review

While not for everyone, for the right person this game can be nothing but campy fun!


SUPERHOT Nintendo Switch Review
  • Title: SUPERHOT
  • Author: @richysan
  • Score: 4.5

SUPERHOT provides a unique mash-up of FPS and puzzle gameplay in a supremely well-polished and eye-catching package. The combat manages to feel infinitely more violent than the hyper-realistic gorefests that populate modern consoles and will have players wincing!


nba 2k20 nintendo switch review
  • Title: NBA 2K20
  • Author: @lloyd-coombes
  • Score: 3

NBA 2K20 is the best it’s ever been while on the court, but the experience is cheapened by a tiresome micro-transaction focused economy.

Vambrace: Cold Soul Nintendo Switch Review

Vambrace: Cold Soul has a chilling ambiance which begs to haunt your your Switch.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Nintendo Switch Review

Link Evolution is a great game to experience on the Nintendo Switch system, although it is a pretty pricey re-release.

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