[Review] Waifu Uncovered – Nintendo Switch

Written by Derek Wright
  • Developer: One Hand Free Studios
  • Publisher: Eastasiasoft
  • Release Date: 16/07/2020
  • Price: $6.99 / £6.29
  • Review code provided by Eastasiasoft

Introducing: Waifu Uncovered Switch Review

I would consider myself an eclectic gamer, but I can’t say I have ever played a game quite like this. To put it mildly, this is a wild game, one targeted towards a niche audience I am not a part of. With this being said, I played it and will try to describe it as best as possible without being overly lewd, crude or any other ‘udes’. Behold, as I cover Waifu Uncovered, in all its insanity.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Waifu Uncovered’s story isn’t the reason this game is being talked about, but it is there. A group of aliens decided to infect the clothing eight beautiful women and only a ninja horse in a spaceship can stop them. It’s quite absurd seeing the anthropomorphic horse flying a ship fighting odd looking aliens while the poor helpless females are watching in ecstasy as they are removed of their infected clothing. This isn’t going to win any awards for best narrative anytime soon.

Look at My Horse

The main event of Waifu Uncovered is the gameplay. While this is also the first of its kind I have played, a bullet hell strip’em up, it plays in a straightforward manner. You are assaulted by a barrage of enemies and bullets that get progressively more intense as the game goes on. Enemies drop shuriken and picking them up deals damage to the infected clothing on the girls. The girls are in the background and when each piece of clothing is defeated, it gets removed. Thankfully, there is a health meter for each piece of clothing, so you can see how much damage must be done before it’s finished.

Each stage is split into roughly six segments. Each one involves destroying legions of aliens while collecting shurikens and striping the girls of their ill-fitting clothing. Many sections also feature screen-filling obstacles, such as giant angry moons destroying friend and foe alike. These encounters felt intensely frustrating as the moons were bullet sponges and even with a fully powered ship, could take far more damage than expected. Adding to this point, this game is a bullet hell through and through. The last few stages can be quite difficult. If you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, you will die and there are no continues.

Waifu Uncovered features three modes of play: Normal, Arcade and One Finger. Normal mode features seven stages with branching paths that allow you to make the experience either easier or harder. Arcade mode adds an extra stage and amps the difficulty by adding extra bosses to the later stages. I found this to be quite frustrating as some of the boss pairings seemed impossible. Late game bosses could be a challenge by themselves. Add two of those together and it felt like an exercise in futility. Lastly, One Finger mode is played in handheld only with the ship auto-firing and your finger controlling the movement.

My Horse is Amazing

Waifu Uncovered’s art is a mixed bag. On one hand, the ladies in the background are quite attractively drawn. It also must be noted that this game can be played with no nudity. When first starting, that is the base mode and “uncovered” mode must be unlocked. If you haven’t already picked it up, this game is not for children.

The enemy designs on the other hand seem cheaply done. Most of them feel like they were pulled from a fair use image gallery. The moons mentioned earlier feature faces from a popular meme, whereas other enemies are giant cat heads and flying piles of feces. Maybe the aliens are shapeshifters and wanted to blend in but only looked at the internet. It is the only thing that makes sense to me.

The soundtrack, while short and repetitive, is very upbeat and catchy. It felt like the composer spent their time on making one great song, making sure it was a real ear worm, and then called it a day. I say this because I was playing it with my wife, and she commented on how the music was very catchy. Ten minutes later, she retracted her statement saying it was too repetitive and asked me if there were any other songs.

The Money Shot

Waifu Uncovered suffered from slowdown whenever the action would get a bit too hectic. This happened many times in the later levels and in both docked and handheld. Other than the occasional slowdown, the game ran smooth in both modes. I did have an odd glitch occur which caused the screen to jumble up with bits of distortion and body parts here and there. Once I exited the game and rebooted it, everything seemed right as rain.

Final Thoughts

To the average gamer, Waifu Uncovered may not be right for them. This was made for those who are big on fan service games and anime. If you fall into this category, chances are you will enjoy this game greatly. If, like me, you were looking for a new shoot’em up title, then you may be disappointed. While the game is serviceable, the AI often feels cheap and the unlockable extras didn’t feel enough to satiate me. Regardless, if you are in the market for fan service titles, for $6, this is probably a good place to start.


  • Anime girls
  • Solid shooting controls
  • Catchy music


  • Bad art for enemies
  • Uneven difficulty
  • Very short game


Waifu Uncovered is a mixed bag; it’s a somewhat decent shooter hidden by fan-service and cheap enemies.

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