[Review] Untitled Goose Game – Nintendo Switch

Written by Chelsea Beardsmore
  • Developer: House House
  • Publisher: Panic
  • Release Date:  20/09/2019
  • Price: £17.99 / $19.99
  • Review code provided by Panic

Gooses or Geese?

I’ve never felt the need to know what it was like to be a goose before. Not once in my life have I ever had the thought ‘Man, I wonder what life would be like if I was a goose’ run through my head. So, why when Untitled Goose Game released did I feel the need to find out immediately what it meant to be a goose? The answer is still unknown, but I’m so glad I did.

Untitled Goose Game sees you take control of a somewhat unorthodox (maybe not – are all geese jerks?) goose whose main mission in life is to just terrorise the people he/she/they come across. Why? Nobody knows – this goose has a vendetta against the world. Or, it’s just bored.

Hoot, Hoot. Honk, Honk.

Set in a cute little English village, the premise is simple in Untitled Goose Game; complete various ‘random’ tasks that you can check on a hand-scribbled on a piece of paper… it’s unclear who has written them, however. Could this feathery menace write fluently also?

The tasks you are given are little puzzles that at first glance look really simple… for a human, but for a goose – not so much. The assignments you’re given – that prove no purpose other than being completely mischievious – vary from things like stealing keys from people to dragging along items to make your very own picnic. Aw, how cute.

Shoo, Pesky Goose!

On your quest to annoy people, this pesky goose obviously succeeds. But, there seems to be no real consequence in doing so. There’s no game overs, no restarts, not even a health bar or a stress bar. This goose is untouchable. For example, if a shopkeeper spots you in their shop, they will just shoo you out or push you away. That’s all. You can go straight back and try again! If you are holding an item you have stolen from someone, that person will just steal it back. No harm, no foul…

Be the Goose; You Are the Goose!

It’s strange in Untitled Goose Game just how real it all feels. The controls feel spot on. I mean, I’ve got no idea how it really feels to be a goose, but I think this is the closest I’m going to get. The A button allows you to pick items up, or drag them along if they’re too heavy. The B button allows you to sprint, ZL allows you to duck (sorry) down whilst ZR allows you to flap your wings in all your glory and the Y button – my personal favourite – allows your to honk at anything and everything. This is it, I’m a goose!

Who You Gonna Call? Goosebusters!

My absolute favourite thing about Untitled Goose Game (other than being a mischievous goose) is the art style. It’s said to be inpsired by UK TV shows like Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine and you can see it. It does look like a children’s cartoon and is extremely charming and pleasing to the eye. Oh, and for a Australian team, House House have nailed the look of a quaint English Village.

The game’s soundtrack compliments its art style extremely well. It’s calming and reassuring. The way the music dramatically changes based on the games events is mesmerising, gradually lowering in volume when being a sneaky goose to louder prompts when you have been spotted!

Final Thoughts

Untitled Goose Game was purely a joy to play and although your first playthrough can last only a few short hours this didn’t make me feel as though it was any less of a game because of this. The only downside – I would say – is the games price. Okay, it’s worth every penny. It really is, but it may put some people off knowing it’s only a short game. Especially for those a little short on cash. To those people I would say, wait for a bigger sale because this game 100% needs your attention.


  • It’s hilarious being a goose
  • Suprisingly realistic feel – great controls
  • Responsive soundtrack
  • Pleasing art style
  • Extremely charming


  • Relatively short for such a hefty price tag


Untitled Goose Game offers players a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a goose, if only for a few hours.


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