[Review] Trover Saves the Universe – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill
  • Developer: Squanch Games
  • Publisher:  Squanch Games
  • Release Date:  28/11/2019
  • Price: £22.49 $23.99
  • Review code provided by Squanch Games

Welcome To The Wonderful & Wacky World Of Justin Roiland

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 5 years you will have heard of a little show called Rick and Morty or at the very least seen the interdimensional travelling duo plastered in every entertainment store and on the internet.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Alongside co-creating one of the funniest shows of last decade, Justin also runs an indie studio called Squanch Games with the help from Tanya Watson-Jessen who was the executive producer at Epic Games and worked on Fortnite. The first game to be released on the Switch from Squanch is Trover Saves the Universe. A hilarious meta filled action platformer that breaks the fourth wall. The player controls a Chairorpian, an alien species who are enslaved to a chair (The modern human race comes to mind) and can only travel around by reaching warp nodes. The Chairorpian is equipped with a controller that can be used to move Trover around the level through the magic of Power Babies.

Glorkon has stolen your pet dogs to store in his eyes to gain energy and create a clone army. Broken free from the Abstainers it is down to you and Trover to destroy the clones, rescue the dogs and takedown Glorkon. Probably the craziest plot ever in a video game, right? My brief description probably doesn’t do it any justice so unless you are easily offended check out the trailer above.

First-Person / Third-Person Hybrid

Trover Saves The Universe started out as a VR game for the PS4 and PC but has recently been ported over to the Switch. Even without the VR capabilities, the game holds up really well and Squanch Games have created a First-Person/ Third-Person hybrid. The controls do take a little getting used to as you are essentially controlling 2 characters but after about half an hour it will become second nature. Trover can only move so far around the map, to progress you need to get the power baby-eyed alien to stand on a warp node and press A in the distance for the Chairorpian to move. The controls on a whole are smooth and responsive every melee attack, jump and interaction are accurate with no stressful moments or accidental falls to your death.

There are upgrades throughout the game which can be obtained from the local vendor named Upgrade Tony. The process is pretty graphic consisting of power babies eating each other and placed back into Trover’s eye socket. The upgraded power babies can give you extra abilities like double jump and glide.

Get Schwifty

Rick and Morty tries it’s damned hardest to push the boundaries of what is acceptable but even a popular animation played on network television has its limitations of what it can and can’t get away with. But video games are a different ball game and its evident Justin knows this with the content within Trover. It’s the only game you will ever play that requires you to get snotted on by an annoying character called Mr. Popup to receive chair upgrades and the language makes Samual L. Jackson look like a children’s TV presenter, I may have even learned a few new phrases like Turd-Birds. If swearing and offensive language isn’t your thing there is the option to censor it.

Throughout your journey, you will be welcomed with yes and no questions that can alter the hilarious dialogue and will test your moral compass in places. Do you kill a complete douche who throws poop at you or an annoying goody two shoes or maybe even both?

The dialogue alone is a reason to buy this game if you are a fan of Rick and Morty. Hours upon hours of voice recordings were taken mainly of Justin just adlibbing. It pays for you to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the game at your own leisure as most of the entertaining conversations happen if you just stand around and do nothing. You can learn about real estate from Bathtub guy or hear Glorkon clones heckle you about moving blocks comparing it to Minecraft. The game itself is a little on the short side with only 5 real levels so it can be completed in around 5 hours but if want to listen to all the dialogue has to offer and collect all the power babies to unlock the awesome unlockable which Trover keeps mentioning throughout you can get 10-15 hours out of it also with the added DLC and rumours of more on the way there are many reasons to keep returning to the wacky world of Trover. The price is a little on the steep side but if you are a fan of Justin Roiland I feel it is worth every penny.

Glorkon Goodness

The level design and graphics are smooth and of high quality that I feel has set a new standard for indie titles. The colours are vibrant and the environment very creative. There are a lot of ideas borrowed from the show I have mentioned many times with one of the levels reminiscent of Anatomy Park from of the episodes. The music is very trippy and is only mainly used in the loading menus and main screen but you’re not playing this game for the composition its all about the dialogue which will leave you in stitches. I won’t give anything away but once you have completed the main storyline and you expect the credits to roll be prepared for the most inventive way to list the names of people involved in creating this masterpiece.

The DLC is also a bit on the short side and can be completed in around 1-2 hours. Important Cosmic Jobs will have you exploring around a space ship completing jobs and collecting items for your journal. It doesn’t really add any substance to the game but it is worth playing through for the dialogue again as there are countless moments which will have you laughing uncontrollably. Also, you can ride around on a Roomba.


Squanch Games have released a very strong debut for the Nintendo Switch. Trover is not for everyone especially for the easily offended or if you don’t enjoy lavatorial jokes and bodily fluids thrown at you but if you love Rick and Morty or outrageous and funny platformers then this game is right up your street. Meta filled dialogue will have you laughing out loud, my personal favourite was Trover shouting at you to look online for a walkthrough as the puzzle was deliberately difficult. The controls are robust and the visuals look great on the Switch considering it is a port of a VR game. It can be a little on the short side if you race through the levels but my advice to you is to take it easy and embrace the wackiness. With the addition of the DLC and collection of Power babies, there are many reasons to return to the universe long after the main story has finished.


• From the team that brought you Rick and Morty
• Hilarious Dialogue
• DLC included in the price
• unique gameplay


• The main story is a little short
• Price is slightly high
• Not for the younger audience or easily offended

A unique and hilarious action-platformer brought to you from the guy who brought you, Rick and Morty
. Full of rib-tickling dialogue that will have you question your moral compass.

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