[Review] Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Playrise Digital Ltd
  • Publisher: Greenlight Games
  • Release Date:  01/05/2019
  • Price: £24.99 / $29.99
  • Review code provided by Greenlight Games


Table Top Racing is a cross between Micro-Machines and Mario Kart. It has the gaming elements of Micro-Machines, in the sense that the vehicles have been shrunken and you will be racing around day to day environments; from Sushi restaurants to garage work benches, but the racing style is that of Mario Kart.

TTR has seen many iterations since it started out on iOS way back in 2013. The second game in the series was released in 2016 and was given the name Table Top Racing: World Tour and now it is the Switch’s turn to receive the pint size racer. This time around we get the Nitro Edition, a complete version including the DLC that was released previously on other consoles.

Table Top Racing is packed full of content boasting 32 tracks, 16 iconic cars, 8 weapons, Online and Offline multiplayer, over 180 racing events and over 500 stars to collect. Greenlight Games have stated there is more than 25 hours of gameplay.

Miniature car racer packed to the rim with content

With the amount of races, cups and car upgrades on offer the menu can seem a little overwhelming but after a few races it will be easy enough to navigate. The game starts off like most traditional car games which makes you gather points or coins to buy upgrades or new cars. They will start you off with giving you money to buy your first vehicle. As you can guess it will be just enough to buy the lowest rated offerings.

There are 16 cups on offer with a total of 32 tracks to tackle, each cup has a selection of races to win before reaching the final tournament. With 8 styles of races in Table Top Racing, from your standard no weapons race to an elimination battle, the fun drifting courses and many more there is enough to keep the game fresh and interesting for quite some time. The one issue I have is that TTR boasts 32 tracks which is true but there are only 8 locations with 4 variations which makes the laps pretty repetitive with the same environment but with a slight change in track.

There are 16 cars to collect overall which are separated into 3 categories. Cult Classics, Street Racers and Supercars. With many iconic vehicles to choose from there will definitely be something for everyone. There is also the fun addition of the breaking bad camper van, I found this more of a gimmick and wasn’t my go to car due to the handling and speed of it.

Supe up your Dinky cars

To upgrade your car or buy a new one with higher specs you have to collect coins which can be gathered by winning races and getting the hidden coins in each race. This can feel like a grind especially when you are moving onto the next cup. There is a noticeable jump in difficulty and racing AI which requires you to upgrade your car to the max, if you don’t have enough coins you will need to repeat the previous cups to mine more coins to progress to the next making you feel like you have hit a virtual brick wall ultimately making you lose interest. I feel this concept of gaming is best suited to smart phone gaming.

Graphics and Sounds

The look and feel of TTR is a positive experience for most of the game. Playrise have done a great job in capturing the scaled down environments. My favourite location is the ‘Back to the 80’s’ theme. With a table crammed with 80’s nostalgia I was definitely in my element. With the sides of the tracks filled with VHS cassettes, plasma balls and what looks like NES games it was a fun experience i am also loving the cameo of the Simon game and the bigtrak. The graphics can sometimes be a bit sketchy with most items looking great in the distance but as you get closer it looks like it is constantly rendering so text can be blurry and items are changing in the fore front. I am not sure if this is due to the switch’s capabilities but there are better looking racers out on the market that have a better experience graphically.

Playrise have managed to acquire some pretty unique licenses with TTR the strangest being the addition of the YO! Sushi level. So if you felt like you needed to race around a sushi restaurant then this game definitely scratches that unreachable itch. The second noticeable license is the soundtrack, which has an exclusive playlist composed by Juice Recordings so if break beat is your jam then this is a game where you will want to turn the volume up to the max.


TTR is a fun racing game crammed to the brim with content to unlock but sometimes can feel like a chore progressing through the cups and with the collection of coins there will be what seems a lot of back tracking to improve the specs of your vehicle. Graphically the game looks great and does a great job of supersizing the environment around you to make it more realistic. The rendering of the tracks can sometimes let it down though. The AI of the other racers can be sloppy causing some unavoidable pileups which can get frustrating also sometimes you feel they are playing dirty as they ram you off the track from time to time.

I feel the pricing is a little high but definitely a title to look out for when on sale. If you are looking for a game that has a lot to offer then TTR will give you that in return. Greenlight are boasting over 25 hours of gameplay and with the added online and offline multiplayer it is a game that can be enjoyed with your friends and family.

•Crammed full of content
•Online and offline multiplayer
• Many variations of racing styles stop the game getting boring
•Has unique licensing

•Can feel like a chore when trying to progress through the game taking the fun out of it
•Rendering of the graphics can cause for some ugly results
• Button map suggests to accelerate and brake by pushing the right analog stick up and down where i feel pressing A and B is far better

A fun pint sized racer packed full of unlockable content offering many hours of gameplay but the coin collecting mechanic can be a chore especially when trying to advance through the game.

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