The Nintendo Switch Range by STEALTH Gaming

Written by Kieran Fifield

Hey good looking!!

With the Nintendo Switch going from strength to strength, and there being such an over saturated market when it comes to gaming accessories, sometimes it can be a little daunting finding the product that’s right for you. With that being said, STEALTH Gaming have identified their niche demographic and in doing so have delivered a range of products that will appeal to the affluent. Make no mistake, their range of Nintendo Switch products are aimed at gamers who want to show off. Be it their signature gold headset, the stand that accompanies it so graciously or the Joy Con quad charging station, these are products that scream LOOK AT ME!!

I was very kindly sent out a care pack to look over and give my tuppence worth. Read on to hear how these products fitted in with the life of a Nintendad.

Classic Gold Abstract Edition

The Classic Gold delivers STEALTH’s mission briefing in a nut shell. It’s comfortable, it performs amicably and it oozes style, with it’s gold and black stylings. Not only is it unobtrusive when being worn, it’s functionality also affords the gamer comfort too. By having a twist and lock style microphone, you are able to position it as you see fit with no interference to gameplay. Muting the mic is also incredibly simple, thanks to the handy ‘remote control’ attached to the cable, meaning if you need to vent during a particularly heinous round of your go-to online team game, you can save your friends, as well as strangers, the full range of the worst parts of your vocabulary. The mic is also fully removable, should you just wish to use the headset as a pair of cans.

In game, they offer clarity that really brings your game world to life. Whether you are playing fast and frantic FPS’s, where the difference between victory and defeat can linger on awareness of your environment, or you are immersing yourself in Hyrule for the umpteenth time and just appreciating the opulence of the phenomenal score and environmental soundscapes, The Classic Gold will sweep you up in whatever world you choose to venture in.

Mid range is where this headset shines, with it offering a good base clarity with whatever it is reproducing. Treble was fine, if unspectacular and bass felt a little flat, with no real added BOOM.

Personally I wasn’t comfortable wearing Gold headphones in public, but I did test them in the comfort of my own home and they delivered music well enough. At louder amplitudes they popped a little, but these were levels that no person who respects their ear drums would ever venture towards.

STEALTH Gaming Headset Stand

This product really is the ultimate vanity item and while your headset looks secure and content when wrapped around it, unless you have a dedicated gaming room it really feels like an incredibly luxury item. That being said, the build quality is commendable and as far as plastic arches go, this is a very well made stand indeed.

STEALTH Joy-Con Quad Charger

The STEALTH Joy-Con Quad Charger does what it says on the tin. It charges up to four Joy-Con controllers at once. As it pretty much standard in 2019, it uses USB-C, delivering fast charging performance, even when fully loaded. It can be plugged into one of the Nintendo Switch’s USB ports, drawing power directly from the dock or plugged directly into the mains should you so desire. Joy-Con slide into place with consummate ease, clicking once they are fully docked, ready to rock.

The STEALTH Joy-Con Quad Charger revels in its simplicity. The LED that corresponds to the docked Joy-Con will either light up red or green, depending on the charge state of your controller. That really is all there is to say about this product. It does what it needs to do, with very little fuss, but with a whole lot of sass!!

With my personal collection of Joy-Con being of the Neon hue, this did make it look pretty gnarly, perched precariously on the coffee table, and again, this is a vanity item for gamers with dedicated games rooms, or streamers wanting to add a little style to the back drop of their streams. 

All in all, the STEALTH Gaming Nintendo Switch range offers a comprehensive set of vanity accessories perfect for streamers and those who like to show off their swag. For a Nintendad like myself, they unfortunately will not be on display at all times but instead set up in my amiibo room, ready for action when duty calls.

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