[Accessory Review] Snakebyte – Nintendo Switch

Written by Kieran Fifield

Snakebyte X Nintendo Switch

Snakebyte Gear continue to support, not just the Switch Lite, but also the OG model. The latest arrivals are thoughtful additions that address two major flaws with the launch model Nintendo Switch – Joy-Con controllers becoming loose and battery life.

Tough Case

The tough case is an all in one rubber grip for the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. It has been designed to protect the console from minor drops and bumps. While it provides adequate protection, it’s through it’s additional features that it shines as a standalone accessory.

Firstly, as an all in one grip, it is incredibly snug around the console. If like myself you have a launch day Switch, that has seen several hundreds of hours of playtime, the chances are your hybrid has seen it’s share of wear and tear. With the Tough Case in place, there is definitely an improvement  and the Joy-Con feel much younger, more akin to their launch day brethren.

Secondly, the Tough Case offers improved ergonomics and the Nintendo Switch feels more robust with it in place. Due to the raised ridges around the back of the console, handheld play is significantly more comfortable for prolonged periods of handheld gaming. The case also offers a little more grip, which is genuinely noticeable, and very much welcome.

Overall, the tough case, while not for everyone, is a decent accessory for the handheld advocate. It’s secondary features are where it really shines and it certainly adds to the handheld experience, for those not keen on upgrading to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Grab your own Tough Case here

In Pink
In Black

Power Pack Evo

This product certainly peaked my interest as I unboxed it. The Power Pack Evo clips snugly on to the back of the console and can then be used to charge the Nintendo Switch via a short little USB C output that effortlessly, yet effervescently connects.

When in use, it adds an entire Nintendo Switch worth of thickness to the handheld experience. Due to the soft edges and a matte finish, it feels comfortable to hold for extended jaunts to Hyrule, however. Which is just as well as the battery will keep your console juiced for many a blood-moon.

The speed of charging is a key feature here. Whilst playing Breath of the Wild in handheld, it would charge quicker than it depletes. This may sound somewhat throwaway, but having experienced numerous battery packs, I’ve seen some (from TOP brands no less) struggle to keep up with the in-game demands.

Pumping the pack with power can be achieved via the majesty of either USB-C or B. As well as the conveniently positioned USB-C output for your Nintendo Switch, also offers a USB out port which you can connect any cable to  in order to charge your device, whatever it may be. Four blue LED’s dictate the level of charge still present in the Power Bank. A solid light indicates that the block is full, and a flashing light signifying that the unit is in use.

The power pack is a fantastic accessory that every aficionado of handheld gaming should own. It solidly builds upon the experience of the Switch in handheld mode, by offering extended play time. Switch aside, it’s also an incredibly handy battery pack to have kicking around.

Speaking of which, the Power Pack Evo also sports a handy little kickstand. This allows charging whilst playing in table top mode, as well as handheld. It’s ever so slightly more secure than the Nintendo Switch’s own stand, enough to support the weight of the unit. Not by much though, and it’s a shame that Snakebyte didn’t adopt a dual stand, to provide peace of mind.

Pick up a Power Pack Evo below

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Once again Snakebyte have delivered on their promise of bringing accessories to the table that serve a purpose. As I was told when I met them at Gamescom, they’re isn’t any point in making something for the sake of it. If it doesn’t improve the experience, it will be scrapped. Snakebyte X Nintendo Switch, German efficiency at it’s finest!!

Thanks to Snakebyte for sending over the review samples. Click here to see what we thought of their Nintendo Switch Lite Travel Kit.

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