Join Sarah O’Conner as she smashes her way though hordes of killer robots. After her construction site is taken over by a hacker. She has to get help and save as many of her co-workers as possible.

[Review] Smashing The Battle – Nintendo Switch

Written by ellevalh
  • Developer: STUDIO HG
  • Publisher: PlatinumRocket
  • Release Date: 04/04/2019
  • Price: $9.99 / £8.99
  • Review code provided by PlatinumRocket

The Smashing Begins

Smashing The Battle takes place in the year 2085. A huge multiplex construction site has become been taken over by a hacker and has turned all the robots against the human workers on site.


You take on the role of Sarah O’Connell, one of the many engineers on the construction site where you have been tasked to escape and get help for an injured worker. With the help of the chief security officer ,Lorien, you are equipped with a hazard suit that just does not fit. Armed with a giant spanner Sarah must escape and find out why this is happening.

How to Smash

The mechanics in smashing the battle are reasonably straight forward hit everything until it blows up. Sarah’s oversized spanner (no idea what job it would be used for) is her weapon of choice, swinging it with massive force and dexterity destroying robots with every swing (almost every swing).


On top of that, the attacking dodge is a move that will have to be utilised within most fights, as they get hectic….
Very hectic.

The hazard suit is also equipped with a few gadgets;

Mine – Drop’s a mine that blows up after a short time.

Magnet – Pulls all the robots together.

Giant Spanner – Performs a massive spin attack.

Repair – Does what it says – repairs the hazard suit.

Overdrive – Fan service mode! Takes off the hazard suit and increases power and speed. Significantly reduces defence.

Each of the above gadgets uses SP. It will slowly recharge over time; there are also items that will recharge the SP quicker.

More About Battles

Smashing the battle is a hack-and-slash shoot-em-up hybrid game, making for some crazy hectic battles with a lot going on. At times, it can be hard to know what is actually going on.


The robots come in two types melee and distance. Throw in some mines with attacks that fill up the screen and you pretty much sum up Smashing The Battle. There can be ten robots rushing and some shooting at Sarah. These situations happen a lot and are easy to handle, throw in a boss robot or an area hazard however and the fight gets somewhat tougher.

Boss robots can drop mines that shoot out to all over the area then do a massive AOE attack. These all need to be dodged all the while being hounded by smaller robots chasing or shooting at Sarah. Luckily, shots are shown on the floor as lines or chevrons, and AOE and mines have a purple circle around the affected area.


While destroying anything that moves, each robot will drop money and some even drop a random item. Items can also be found in containers around the level, with plenty of them laying around, ensuring it is relatively easy to keep Sarah alive. Items can heal or replenish SP, or boost speed and power.

The overall feel of movement and response from the character is smooth and tight, every dodge was hit every swing swung. I can not fault the controls.

Simple RPG Mechanics
The money collected can be spent on upgrading the hazard suit, and as the game goes on this is a must. HP, SP, Armour, Attack can all be increased along with the Giant spanner and mine for more damage.

Scrap is also found as a drop while fighting which is also used for upgrading the hazard suit.


This little touch was a nice addition to the game, giving a reason the robots dropped money and scrap.

All Dem’ Collectables

Smashing the battle has a load of collectables to, um, collect…. These include fan art, from when the game was being made (some of which is outstanding), along with documents to be unlocked with the use of keys, that can be found throughout the game and bought at the shop.

There is an additional playable character Mary Lucy, who is unlocked while playing the game, and each character has costumes to collect, with their own set of perks. The two characters play differently. Sarah is all about the attack, while Mary is a defensive type that summons bots to fight for her.


Got To Take The Good With The Bad

There is not much else but walloping robots and blowing them up. Each battle is its own self-contained area making each level feel disjointed and isolated when crossing the small corridor to the next area, which for me breaks up the game too much.

Fights also become very repetitive very fast, with thirty levels (80 in challenge mode) it’s a lot of mashing attack and dodging. This for me was the biggest letdown. I love just hacking and slashing, for instance in Diablo 3, unfortunately here it was hindered with the lack of any form of open world type play.

The story is also a bit of a throw-away, it could have been a little more fleshed out instead of just a small cut scene with chat bubbles holding a line’s worth of text. It is not that the story is overly bad; it is just dull and boring, nothing really new.

With solid mechanics and fan serviced heroines, Smashing the battle could have been excellent, but the overly repetitive nature of the fights and the disjointed levels really let it down.


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