[Review] Slayin 2 – Nintendo Switch

Written by Kevin Orme
  • Developer: Pixel Licker
  • Publisher: FDG Entertainment
  • Release Date: 07/05/2020
  • Price: $11.99 / £10.79
  • Review code provided by FDG Entertainment

Slayin’ the Night Away

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed by now but the Nintendo eShop is packed to the brim with games. There are literally thousands of them and you really have to ask yourself the question: “What is a really great game for me?” For me, if I haven’t heard of a game before, there are a few things that a title can have that immediately draw me to check it out:

  • High Quality pixel art
  • Flashy attacks
  • Jammin’ music
  • A solid sense of humor in your writing or design
  • A trailer that gets me excited

With this list in mind, you might see why I am PRETTY EXCITED to play “Slayin 2”. It has all of these things and a few more! So my friends, let’s suit up, grab a sword and head to the great fields of adventure and get to SLAYIN’!

Feeling Pretty Heroic

Slayin’ 2 is an extremely simple concept polished to high shine. You play the game as one of eight unlockable heroes who are tasked with, well, slaying all the monsters in your path! Each stage is filled with a seemingly endless stream of monsters that spawn in the foreground and background. Your fearless hero can simply move toward a monster to attack them, which takes a lot of the pressure off of remembering tricky combos or special attacks. Like I said, it’s a super simple system in the best way.

As you clear stages, you and your merry band gain fame and eventually head towards parts unknown to find the evil villains who have kidnapped the king of your great kingdom. Can you and your powerful allies defeat the great evil that grows in the dark corners of this magical land? Answer: Yeah! With style, no less!

Epic Tales for Epic People

I cannot adequately explain to you all how beautifully simple this game is. Now, don’t think that just because a game is simple that it isn’t good. Mega Man as a series is extremely simple: You jump, you shoot, you beat up the bad guys. Rinse and repeat for a jillion games. Simplicity in this game lets you focus on the bigger mechanics in this game: COMBOS. As you defeat enemies, three things happen: They drop money, a combo counter starts and a combo timer starts. When the combo gets big, the money gets bigger. Now, if you go too long without picking up money or killing enemies then that timer runs out and your combo resets to zero and you have to start that again. So, your wealth and ability to do more damage is tied to your ability to keep that combo going.

Each stage is built complete with a counter of enemies that you need to defeat before the boss spawns, so your job is to defeat all of those enemies and survive with enough health to fight the boss. It’s nothing new, but it’s done really well. Each boss is unique and difficult in its own way so there’s always a new challenge to face when you find a new area. On top of this ever present challenge, there are secrets hidden in several of the stages that either unlock new stages or new characters. There’s a lot here that keeps me coming back for more playthroughs.

Charming as Ever, I See?

The art for this game is stellar. Each character, though small, is delightfully animated and holds enough unique design to keep your attention, but not enough to be distracting. The monsters are all special in their own way and are a delight to kill. Animations are snappy and hold so much appeal that you will look forward to how they both move and die. This game is an absolute joy to look at. I found myself just taking in some of the areas for a few minutes before I had to start bashing some skulls in more than a few times. Bravo to the art team on this one.

The music is nothing to sneeze at either! There are some great tunes in the background as you destroy everything in your path. I’m not sure there was a song I didn’t like, to be completely honest. This whole game has a production value that it hard to come by these days – especially from an indie developer. Good show, friends. Good show.

Inner Workings of the Kingdom

This game runs really well, which is not always a given with the unending cavalcade of games released these days. So it’s nice to have a game that not only looks great, but plays great too. That’s some serious craftsmanship! All-in-all, I put about twelve hours into this game during the review process and I can happily say that I didn’t find anything that glitched or bugged out. This game is constructed beautifully!

I would recommend if you were going to go the multiplayer route (and I totally agree that you should) I wouldn’t recommend that you play it in handheld mode. By the time you get a few stages into the game there is simply TOO MUCH on the screen to be confined to a smaller screen. Get this majestic experience on the largest screen you can manage. It’s significantly better to see monsters exploding into treasure when you can track where your character is.

The Quest Continues On…

Folks, this game is so good. My favorite part is that as I “finished” the campaign, I went back to stages that I had completed only to see that I was still only a little less than sixty percent done. There were so many secrets and quests to find and complete (and an entire Arcade Mode that sees how far you can get with a single life!) that I will be playing this for a long time to come. This really is a game that keeps on giving and I know you will have a great time playing it.


  • Gameplay loop that makes you hungry for the next stage
  • Absolutely overflowing with charm and beauty
  • Watching an enemy explode into hundreds of dollars of coins never gets old


  • Some of the playable characters aren’t fun (for me at least)
  • Some small difficulty spikes can be frustrating
  • Slayin’ 3 isn’t out yet (or even announced) and I already want it

Slayin’ 2 is some of the most fun I have had in ages and for the price they’re asking you absolutely cannot miss this fabulous game. In fact, I’m going to go play it RIGHT NOW!


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