[Review] Rez Plz – Nintendo Switch

Written by Abbi Smith
  • Developer: Long Neck Games
  • Publisher: Graffiti Games
  • Release Date: 15/07/2020
  • Price: £13.49 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Graffiti Games

Introducing: Rez Plz Switch Review

Rez Plz is a delightfully irreverent adventure that had me giggling for hours, with a very unique core mechanic that really makes it stand out from the well-populated platformer genre. It is worth picking up or one to avoid? 

Lads’ Trip!

Meet Arcan and Zeph, two brothers apprenticed in magic together. They’re your typical teenagers – more interested in chasing girls and getting drunk than their studies or, as a certain professor constantly reminds them, the oh-so-small task of saving the world. These two troublemakers have absolutely zero magical talent and, after a hilariously gruesome blunder, are given a magical scroll to prevent future mishaps. 

Lo and behold, as soon as one mess is fixed another crops up, and the entire academy is hijacked by a particularly nasty piece of magical work. Deemed too weak to be of any help or hindrance, Arcan and Zeph are just disposed of. And so begins their journey to “save the world”, or just get themselves to safety in the boys’ opinions. 

A colourful cast of characters accompanies the boys, from the ghostly professor who occasionally gifts a useful magic ability to seductive witches and even an entire group of people who live inside a giant beast. Each one has a role to play and does so both brilliantly and humorously. Humour is a huge part of Rez Plz, from the brothers’ banter to the oddly funny deaths – they’re technically gory, but in such a funny way! 

Death Is Only The Beginning… Well, Sort Of

Ah, platformers. The classic combination of run, jump, and attack to navigate a variety of levels has withstood the test of time and still manages to feel fun even in new games. This is definitely the case with Rez Plz, because there’s an added element; to solve some of the environmental puzzles, one of the brothers will have to die. Whether it’s so you can use their skull to hold down a button or put their bloody bisected body on a sacrificial altar to open a door. Even the dead brother is useful and easily revived once you’re done. It’ll cost a Lazarus stone, but he’ll spawn right next to you!

There are 5 stages, each with 6 levels. They’re all different, with completely different enemies and traps, which made each stage feel fresh and kept me on my toes. My personal favourites were the fire-breathing goats, because why not. At the beginning of each stage you also earn a new power from the ghostly professor, from the “power he absorbed after you beat that big monster”. The first special power was my favorite, which enables the brothers to turn into rocks and opens up weight-activated switches and pulley systems. They also look like adorable little penguins, bonus!

There is also a co-op mode, in which each player controls one of the brothers, but single-player mode works perfectly well by allowing switching between the brothers at any time.

Deceptively Bright and Cheerful

The pixel-art style of Rez Plz, with it’s bright colours and cheerful character design, is a stark contrast to the gloom-themed locations. This difference highlights the comical nature of the gore. I normally hate gore in anything, but it’s so obvious and extravagant that it ends up amusing.

There was a lot of head-bopping going on at my desk while playing; the catchy soundtrack and funny sound effects made headphones an absolute must! None of the characters had voices, but they were chock full of personality that more than made up for what’s admittedly a cherry on the top.

I didn’t encounter any scaling issues or lag in either handheld or docked mode, but there were a number of bugs. At the time of writing, the developer was notified of everything I found. The person I spoke to was friendly and receptive, which is always nice. The team is working to remove all bugs before launch. 

Save Me “Plz”

I have a love-hate relationship with platformers. I love them, always have, but they really don’t love me back. Rez Plz has a nice dose of difficulty; hard enough to be a challenge, but not so hard as to force a rage-break. There were so many situations where I was stuck for hours, only to come back with a fresh brew and figure it out pretty quickly. A few of the difficulties were caused by bugs, but as previously mentioned these have all been raised accordingly. I’m not sure how much harder the game is in single player compared to co-op mode. My player 2 isn’t a fan of the Switch and so isn’t down to play alongside me,  but I would imagine it’d be slightly easier to only have one character to worry about!

A Platformer I Enjoyed? Blasphemy!

Rez Plz is a game I was expecting to enjoy, but not exactly bond with. I have a very patchy history with platformers, and often become too frustrated to continue. However, I had a lot of fun with this one. The controls were simple enough, but the unique mechanics made it interesting, and a genuine joy to play. The catchy soundtrack and wonderfully amusing design had me enjoying almost every moment, and for the price it’s a steal! I can’t give this wonderful little game a perfect score right now, but once those bugs are patched out I’ll happily revise my final verdict!


  • Very fun
  • Co-op available
  • Unique mechanics
  • Great sound and graphic design


  • Still a bit buggy
  • Sometimes hard to see how to progress

A fun, unique platformer with a brilliantly thought out co-op mode, Rez Plz is worth a spot on anyone’s download list!

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