[Review] Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Chubby Pixel
  • Publisher:  Chubby Pixel
  • Release Date:  23/12/2017
  • Price: £4.49 / $4.99
  • Review code provided by  Chubby Pixel


Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is a 3D platformer that is reminiscent of an era from the not to distant past which has seen the releases of Spyro and Croc and Gex. The world within Woodle is a vibrant and colourful one which looks great both in handheld mode and docked. The story is simple (like most platformers alike), collect fairy tears to water the world. The protagonist is a new born tree stump – very random indeed but at least original even though the master tree resembles the Deku tree and Woodle looks like a Korok both from the Legend of Zelda series.

The world has different environments to explore which introduces different mechanics and threats into the game keeping it fresh and interesting, for example the snow level will see you sliding on small ledges causing you to fall to your death (which will happen a lot) unless you jump in time.

A Big Adventure for a Tiny Stump

Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is a good looking game and everything looks promising on the surface but issues start to unravel as soon as you start level 1. The major problem is the camera angles, there is no way to pan the camera left or right and the only option of camera control is to zoom in and out of the level to see an overview. The game tries to adjust the camera automatically but does a very bad job of it, causing unavoidable falls due to not being able to see due to your view being blocked.

Another issue is that there are no in-game displays to see what you have collected or achieved. There are 3 fairy tears per level which isn’t difficult to keep track of but there are also apples to collect which can be used to unlock upgrades for your weapon, which is a leaf for the record. There can be what seems like hundreds of them in each level but there is no way of knowing how many you have apart from leaving the level to the main world to check the apple icon by your house.

On my play through of Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe I managed to collect 1267 apples which was enough to unlock the extra two levels and all of the upgrades, I also received the red bandanna which doesn’t seem to have any benefits other than looking kick ass. If you are a completionist then this will bug you massively due to not knowing the total amount of apples in the game. Maybe the developer should add a total above each level sphere.

Each level has a different theme and environment, from snow and ice to a fully underwater level. Wading your way through the water is a slow and painful experience, there could be an improvement to the mechanics to make the character move more fluid.


Woodle is a very short game with a total of 8 levels, there is a small amount of replay value due to the unlockables, but this can be done whilst playing through your first run. I was able to finish the game in a paltry 2 hours.

Maybe the price of the game reflects the length and content but it feels more like a tech demo from the developer than a fully released game. It’s a shame that the camera angles are such a big issue which can cause unavoidable deaths and frustrating moments, also combat with the enemies is very simple, you just swing your leaf and even if you don’t hit them they seem to die.

Apart from the issues pointed out already the game has a lot of potential and if the developer can improve on this in future sequels of Woodle and if they can make the game a lot longer, I think this 3D platformer could possibly contend with the juggernauts of the same genre.


• Protagonist is a memorable character, I could see merchandise being popular if released.
• Has all the ingredients to become a great franchise.
• A clean, vibrant looking game which could be popular for children if the issues are ironed out.


• Camera angle issues plague the game
• Very short, was able to complete in 2 hours
• Lack of in game displays so impossible to know if you have 100% the game

A fun 3D platformer which is short lived due to the length of the game, Camera angles can be an issue but the game is still playable

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