[Review] TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Kylotonn
  • Publisher: Bigben Interactive
  • Release Date:  23/05/2019
  • Price: £44.99 / $49.99
  • Review code provided by Bigben Interactive


The TT is considered one of the most dangerous racing events in the world, every June thousands of thrill-seekers flock to the Isle of Man to either take part in the iconic tourist trophy and compete in the infamous Snaefell Mountain Course or to just stand in a picturesque beer garden spectating as the bikes hurtle past you at speeds of 200+ MPH whilst enjoying a pint of your favourite beverage.

Ride on the Edge has captured every detail of the competition to make the experience as realistic as possible with 24 official riders to pick from, 38 fully licensed bikes to unlock and a track that has been reproduced with meticulous detail to be as accurate as possible. With over 30 miles of track every village hall, lamp post, zebra crossing and over 200 twists and turns have been added to give you that authentic TT feel.

The Isle of Man simulator boasts a full career mode including online and offline multiplayer. If time is against you there is also the option to choose quick race or time attack.

Speed Demon

The one thing that Ride on the Edge does well is capturing the sense of speed, when you are on a long straight stretch of road you are able to pull down on the throttle and push the bike to its limits. With the landscape flying past you at lightyear speeds there are a few squeaky bumtime moments where you have to react quickly before you spectacularly crash into the barriers. If its the realistic feel of speed you are looking for from this title I would recommend racing using the cockpit view, as you turn round corners and the bike tilts towards the ground there is a slight rush of adrenaline as you start to understand the dangers and what it must be like for the actual racers to be that close to the asphalt.


Ride on the Edge was released on other formats back in 2018 and as you can expect compromises had to be made for it to run smoothly on the switch but there are noticeable differences between docked and handheld. Unfortunately, it is a blurry mess when playing in handheld mode which only gets worse the faster you go. All the detail in the rendering has been lost making buildings and trees look like coloured blocks. There is also an issue which seems to be only present in hand-held mode where fuzzy lines appear on the bottom and right-hand side of the screen causing images to double up, this can be distracting when travelling at high speeds through built-up areas. Hopefully, this can be rectified in future updates. Below is a comparison of the two:




TT Isle of Man is a niche racing game that will only appeal to time trial and Isle of man enthusiasts. Due to the clutch-start style racing meaning a racer starts every 10 seconds to achieve their best time, the track can seem rather lonely making the career mode repetitive and boring. Even though great detail has gone into making the Snaefell course the other 9 fictional tracks feel like they were created just to pack out the career mode.

The career mode is pretty straight forward to grasp. You will receive emails inviting you to races, once you start accepting them your calendar will start to fill up. The career mode also includes the most common concept found in racing simulator/management games and that is to grind away at losing races until you have earnt enough money to buy a bike with higher stats to progress to the next level of difficulty. Luckily the bikes on offer are all unlocked in quick race and time attack modes.

The controls also let the game down, with an over sensitive touch causing you to dramatically crash into railings with the slightest nudge of the analog stick due to the bike wobbling uncontrollably. Also to successfully get around a bend you need to slow right down until you are crawling before speeding back up when you have reached the straight because if you don’t well expect to become one with the lampost.

The time spent with Ride on the Edge I was unable to race online. After trying at different stages of the day hoping that a racer would appear in the lobby I gave up, every attempt was welcomed with a ‘Connection error no game found’ message on the screen.

Remember kids, Stick to the speed limit


If you are a casual racing fan then this is a title you can skip especially due to the extremely high price point. The controls and graphical performance let this title down massively, This is the first game on the switch where I have noticed a huge difference between docked and handheld mode and would suggest players solely play in docked mode. The game is not all bad though, with the amount of detail that has gone into recreating Snaefell and the true sense of speed I can see Ride on the Edge appealing to TT fanatics who want to experience the legendary track without risking their life.


  • An accurate representation of the famous Snafell course
  • Captured a sense of high speed
  • Online and offline multiplayer
  • Fully licensed


  • Controls are clumsy and way too sensitive
  • The gameplay is blurry and suffers dramatically in handheld mode
  • Lack of music whilst in the race so it can seem repetitive and boring

Ride on the Edge has the potential to be a good game but due to the controls and graphical performance, I would recommend you miss this title unless you are a TT fan and want to experience the famous Snaefell mountain course for yourself.

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