[Review] The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Lightfoot Bros
  • Publisher: Lightfoot Bros
  • Release Date:  10/04/2019
  • Price: £9.99 / $12.99
  • Review code provided by Lightfoot Brothers


The mystery of Woolley Mountain is an hilarious point and click adventure game which oozes charm and British eccentricity. The talented guys over at Lightfoot Brothers have done a fantastic job in creating a unique experience that will suck you in till the very end. Woolley Mountain has a huge environment to explore with a story line that unravels over 3 acts.

Will Garland and the Helmholtz Resonators rescue VanDamme Laudenkleer and the missing children? Will Manrose find his true calling? Who will win the coveted karaoke at Moonlight Tavern? And will you destroy the evil witch in the past, present or future?

The only way to find out the answers to those gripping questions is to play through this convivial quest and find out for yourself.

Vandamme the Intrepid Explorer

You start the game at the bottom of Woolley Mountain as Vandamme who has stupidly decided to go and take on the evil witch and save the children alone, evidently. Shortly after the introduction you are captured and taken away by the shadow creatures. It is now down to Garland and your team of misfits to track down Vandamme and save the day.

Woolley Mountain has a 2D art style that resembles that of the latest South Park offerings “the stick of truth” & “fractured but whole”. For indie developers, Lightfoot Brothers have achieved something quite rare. Releasing a 2D game that has so much depth to it, both game play and story telling. The narrative is so funny, the humour is wacky and it will have you laughing out loud. The script writing reminds me of the Mighty Boosh. Visually the game looks great and performs well, the only issue I had was the speed of the cross-hair. It was noticeably slower for one scene of the game.

Inventory Madness

You can navigate Woolley Mountain by either using the touchscreen or by moving the cross-hair around the screen using the joycons. I found myself adopting both methods equally to play through the game. The main reasons for using the joycons was to access and use the inventory, it was far too small and fiddly when using the touchscreen method especially when combining items.

The inventory is one of the main issues with the game. There seems to be no order in where items are added as you collect them. One example of this is when it was time to use a certain artefact that I knew was in my inventory but couldn’t find it. The item ended up being pages down with nothing in between. Another issue with the inventory is the combining of items, there is no auto scroll feature meaning if the 2 items are not on the same page then you have to awkwardly move things around until they are.

Packed Full of Nostalgic Goodness

Throughout your journey you will come across nuggets of nostalgia, artefact’s from a time much simpler than now. From record vinyl’s to spectrum 48k cassettes. The greatest thing about Woolley Mountain is that you can actually use those spectrum games to unlock mini games by inserting them into the console on your submarine base. I thought this was a fun little nod to retro gaming and had a blast playing them. Music also plays a huge part in the Helmholtz Resonators quest for the evil witch, from playing vinyls backwards to hear satanic messages to attending karaokes.


Woolley Mountain has everything; Automatons, ropemen, time travelling, alcoholic sea urchins, a psychedelic soundtrack, an evil witch and a crew of useless misfits to help you through your journey. What else could you ask for in a game?

The story line is great and is the perfect length, definitely worth every penny of the price tag. The only issue I would say is the inventory. It could be more intuitive, hopefully this could be improved in a future update.

Lightfoot have created an awesome game which could be the start to an interesting franchise. I would love to see them all back together in another adventure in the near future.


  • A real laugh a minute adventure
  • Auto-Save function
  • Spectrum 48k mini-games
  • A great soundtrack


  • Inventory lets the game down
  • Some tasks seem pretty ridiculous to solve and you have to really think outside the box

A great point and click adventure game that is a joy to play and will have you laughing out loud, it’s such a shame it is let down by one issue.

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