[Review] The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince – Nintendo Switch

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

Reviewed by Thomas and Kyrie

  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Release Date: 12/02/2019
  • Price: $19.99 / £19.99
  • Review code provided by NIS America


One of my favorite things while writing for Nintendad is considering games from a parent’s perspective. If you’ve read my past musings, you’ll have seen input from my children on occasion. When I had the chance to play Nippon Ichi Software’s latest entry for the Nintendo Switch I was ecstatic.  My excitement stemmed less for myself and more to see how my 10 year old daughter would receive the Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. I really felt the art and story would resonate with her. Therefore I decided to take turns playing the game with Kyrie and letting her join me in writing the review. I’ve added her comments and notes in italics throughout the review.

To Thine Own Self Be True

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a fabled tale of love and the price we pay when we hurt those dearest to us. It teaches a deep lesson of what it takes to sacrifice ourselves to seek true forgiveness. Honesty is core to the narrative and learning to accept ourselves for who we are and having the courage to share that with others. The story of the Liar Princess is unique and is presented in Japanese. It was fun reading the story while hearing the emotion of the narrator bring the tale to life. The story is about a wolf who accidently blinds a prince, and her journey to make things right. The Liar Princess was a fantastic experience.

A young prince unknowingly befriends a monstrous wolf in a long distant relationship, so to speak. When the prince risks his life in a dangerous forest to meet his strange friend, he is accidentally blinded. The wolf, who inadvertently caused this tragedy is compelled to make amends. She seeks out a witch who casts a spell to hide her monstrous form. Disguised as a princess she’s able to gain the trust of the blind prince to lead him on a journey of salvation.

All The World’s A Stage

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a narrative driven platforming game. With such engaging writing and exquisite art, the gameplay is third in the overall package. Playing the game was challenging at times. Some of the puzzles were difficult but there was always a way to find the solution. Both the princess and the prince are vulnerable and easily die. Throughout each level you have to lead the blind prince to safety. The princess must find balance when traversing the forest with the impaired prince. To face the dangerous predators she has to morph into her true form, the wolf. To guide the prince she must be human, as not to scare him. The game plays out with you switching between forms to navigate the challenges ahead. The gameplay for the most part was manageable for my daughter. Only a few of the puzzles had her stumped where I stepped in. Every so often we were both confounded, and had my son take the reigns. Overall, the platforming was enjoyable and the puzzles satisfactory. Each level has hidden petals to collect which unlock an art gallery.

One of the features while playing the Liar Princess was the ability to revisit any level to search for missed items. The start menu would list the collectibles you acquired or missed. There was even an option to skip levels completely. As captivating as the story was, the gameplay was quite short. We beat the game in less than six hours. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince certainly left us wanting more.

In Sweet Music Is Such Art

They smile when holding hands and are sad when they’re apart

The music was lovely. At some points the music was calm and soothing. At other parts it was more dramatic. The choice of music always matched what was happening with the story. Some of the music in early levels turned dramatic later on, adding an edge to the action.

The hand drawn shaded art really makes the Liar Princess stand out. Using this specific style felt like the drawings in a fairy tale. The presentation of the artistry does an incredible job setting the stage for a memorable story and lasting experience.

Be Not Afraid of Greatness

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince was a polished event. We didn’t encounter any bugs, glitches, or technical drawbacks. Since we played this game trading off a controller, it was mostly experienced in docked mode. The visuals looked gorgeous on the large display of our television. For the little time spent in handheld mode, it ran smoothly. The beautiful experience wasn’t hampered in anyway on the small screen of the portable console.

Final Wrap

I highly recommend The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince for gamers 8 and older. You can find yourself playing the game over and over to search for any missing petals. I played the game with my dad and brother which made the experience better. Once I made a mistake and I was literally thrown into a secret. Little things like that made me want to revisit past boards.

Once you solve each puzzle and find all the hidden items, there’s little reason to replay the levels of The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. As mentioned above, gameplay is third in the experience. The main reason to pick this title up is for the meaningful story and rich art. For a less experienced audience, this game gives the option to skip tougher puzzles to enjoy the fairy tale with little opposition. Despite the lacking gameplay, the narrative can be enjoyed on its own merit.


  • Significant Story
  • Stunning Art
  • Delightful Friendship
  • Emotional Experience


  • Too Short
  • Little Replay Value
  • Trivial Platformer

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a richly laden fable supported by charming art where the hollow gameplay is an afterthought.

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