[Review] Reptilian Rebellion– Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Herrero
  • Publisher: Herrero
  • Release Date:  21/03/2019
  • Price: £2.99 / $2.99
  • Review code provided by Herrero


An army of reptilian soldiers have unleashed havoc and will do anything they can to take over the world. Is this the work of the Illuminati? Are reptiles behind the crypto-currency Bitcoin? Are Popstars controlled by the scaly creatures wielding guns? And most importantly do they hold a valid driving license?

All very good questions that I asked myself whilst playing through this retro inspired arcade shooter, unfortunately they are all left unanswered. Reptilian Rebellion does nothing to deliver anything new and unique to the table but fun can be had with this title even if it is short lived due to there only being 1 endless level and no story line.

The new world order looks bleak…….

The first run through of Reptilian Rebellion will leave you bewildered due to the lack of menus and tutorials, you literally pick from one of three characters (with another seven to unlock) then you are dropped into the level not knowing what the buttons are with the impending death of your voxel style character as the reptiles get closer. Once you have figured out the buttons it will leave you perplexed as to why the developer has chosen this layout. The left analog stick controls the protagonist then B or ZL shoots left and A or ZR shoots right regardless of which direction the character is facing. This will take a few plays to grasp as i’m sure like me most players would expect to press just one button, like A for example, to shoot in the direction the reptilian slaying hero is facing.

The sound is happy and upbeat, not what I expected when the world is being over run by reptilian humanoids, it also got pretty repetitive rather quickly. I ended up playing most of the game with the volume off. The graphics are clean, vibrant and look great when playing, it is such a shame the game is very limited and only has one level which cycles from day and night as it has the stepping stones to be a somewhat good game.

Stand your ground and watch your back….

Each of the ten characters have there own strengths and weakness which are listed to the right of them on the selection screen. They range from how many lives you start with, maximum bullets you can hold and speed you can move at. To unlock the extra characters you have to complete certain objectives, mainly the amount of Reptilians you have to shoot with the last two killing certain enemies in the game like the head of the Illuminati. Once you have chosen your protagonist the game will start. A steady flow of reptiles will start to appear on the screen with different abilities to catch you off guard but you have the upper hand as there are timed upgrades to collect such as multiple shots and power shots. When these are collected and activated they only last a limited time, this is dependant on the character you choose at the start.

To keep the game interesting it will throw you a few curve balls from projectiles being thrown out of cars to try and dodge, and the comical but less frequent Chem trail which is instigated by a space shuttle flying past, this causes all the controls to be in reverse for a limited time.

Climb the leaderboard and quash those conspiracy theories…

To try and keep the game interesting Herrero Games have included two global leader boards, the amount of reptilians you have killed in a single game and the collection of bitcoins. The first leader board is self explanatory but the second one you have to collect bitcoins (gold coins) which randomly appear throughout your run. As it stands I am currently in 6th position globally for the collection of Bitcoins. The leader board can only be viewed once you have died, It would have been good to be able to view the boards from the main menu without having to play the game.


Reptilian Rebellion is a very short game with only one objective and that is to stay alive as long as you can whilst you collect bitcoins and shoot the reptilian army. It feels like a rushed and a half hearted attempt to release the game due to there being no menus and clunky controls. I also ran into issues where the game would throw up an error and close down resulting in me starting all over again. This happened on many occasions. There is a sense of replay value, with the unlockable characters and the leader boards but with only one level it will get repetitive rather quickly. Even though this game is priced rather low there are far better titles out there with more to offer.

• Colourful and vibrant graphics
• Leaderboard system for the more competitive players
• Unlockable characters

• No menu or tutorial
• Controls are clunky
• With only one level the gameplay can get rather repetitive

A vibrant and quirky retro arcade shooter with very little to offer. Even with the addition of a leaderboard and unlockable characters this game will quickly fall to the bottom of the pile

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