[Review] HexaGravity – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Flynn’s Arcade
  • Publisher: Forsaken Games
  • Release Date:  02/05/2019
  • Price: £1.79 / $1.99
  • Review code provided by Forsaken Games


HexaGravity is an Endless climber with various levels of difficulty which comes with a very affordable price tag. Flynn’s arcade has made a simple no thrills game where the only objective is to beat your previous score and to unlock the other 4 levels on offer. This is achieved by climbing the tower without the bottom screen catching you out, sounds straight-forward right? Well with dead ends and traps to catch you out and with the level gradually speeding up the pressure will well and truly be on. So is HexaGravity a game to add to your collection or is it best to save your money and spend it on a sausage and bean melt from Gregg’s?

Get Ready For The Ascent

The menu for HexaGravity is very minimalistic, the only options to choose from are start and if you want to view the credits. Once you have pressed ‘A’ on Start it will take you to the character select screen, from the get-go you can only pick Basic Cube.

There are no tutorials on how to play or what buttons to press for HexaGravity so you kind of have to work them out yourself but Flynn’s Arcade have been slightly generous by letting you climb to step 2 before the screen starts to move up. Once you figured out how to shuffle and jump you will be well on your way to your first ascent.

It won’t take long before you are clambering for your dear cubes life and shouting at your switch because this game is awkwardly difficult. I’m not sure if it’s done by design or whether it’s down to the clunky controls, each step requires you to press jump twice and sometimes without registering the second jump causing you to fall into chaos. Also, the main issue I had was the tower itself, as you can guess by the name it has six sides. The transition of you moving across from side to side can ruin your flow and rhythm resulting in you missing the next ledge due to the swing.

Locked Unlockable Characters

As I mentioned above there are 5 playable characters:

  • Basic Cube
  • Neon Tesseract
  • Super Ink Boy
  • Flapster
  • Hexagon Arrow

You will unlock Neon Tesseract after one playthrough of Basic Cube making you feel ‘oh yea I got this, bring it I really want to get to Flapster’ but alternating between the two levels you have it will suck the soul out of you and you will give up long before you reach it. At the time of writing this review and after putting what feels like hours into HexaGravity I am yet to unlock level 3 Super Ink Boy which resembles and kind of shares the same name of Super Meat Boy.

My highest streak for Basic Cube is 66 and Neon Tesseract is 53. Those scores sound pathetic I know, but I have tried giving it my all, oh boy I have tried. I thought reaching that 50 milestone would reward me in some way but no. To keep you engaged the developer could have put a streak goal next to each level so at least you have something to aim for rather than going in blind and losing interest making you sense that they are impossible to reach.

Lacking Competition

I feel HexaGravity could be a very competitive and social game but with the lack of the video capture function and leaderboards, online and offline the buzz can be lost rather quickly. You even have to start a new game just to see your highest streak score, again this could be added to the character select screen. There is plenty of unused space to add this information in the menu.


HexaGravity has the potential to be a fun, fast-paced endless climber but unfortunately, it is lacking most of the basic requirements for this style of game. Flynn’s Arcade have done a great job with the visuals and audio, Hexagravity looks clean, crisp and plays smoothly but the menus can be slightly barren with the lack of features and options commonly found in games these days. Fun can be had but with no other objectives other than to climb and beat your previous score and with no idea how to unlock the other characters on offer this can be very short lived.

So to answer my question at the start, I would say save that money and go buy yourself a sausage and bean melt from Gregg’s…

• Soundtrack has a retro arcade feel to it
• Graphics are colourful, crisp and look clean
• 5 playable characters

• no Leaderboards, offline or online
• Lacks basic features like video capture and control tutorials
• unnecessarily difficult
• Clunky controls

An Endless climber that looks good on the surface but as you spend a bit of time climbing the hexatower you start to realise there are major flaws.

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