[Review] Hamsterdam– Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill
  • Developer: Muse Games
  • Publisher: Muse Games
  • Release Date:  01/08/2019
  • Price: £7.99 $9.99
  • Review code provided by Muse Games

Every Rodent is Kung-Fu Fighting

The quaint town of Hamsterdam is under attack and is overrun by vermin orchestrated by the kingpin Marlo. In the midst of it, all Pimm’s grandpa has been kidnapped it is down to you to help your chubby-cheeked hero rescue his Opa and restore the peace to the town.

To overcome the clutches of the chinchilla mafia, it’s time for Pimm to unleash his kung-fu powers and take to the streets of Hamsterdam. Fight your way through 30 levels and 6 mini-games before facing Marlo. The Levels are spread over 3 areas which can be selected by navigating the world map. Travel through iconic landmarks from windmills to the red light district before reaching Marlo’s nightclub for the final showdown.

Rhythm is key

Hamsterdam is a fighting game with a twist, It will need skill and perfect timing if you want to advance to the next level. If you think you can button bash through this title then you are wrong. Prepare to limber up, stretch those fingers and get ready to test your dexterity. Rhythm is key to help your furry little hero and take on the Vermin gang.

There are 3 ways to play Hamsterdam when in handheld mode you have to meticulously time every swipe of the analogue stick and every press of the button to take down the mobsters. The 2nd way to play is to take advantage of the Switch’s touchscreen and the 3rd method is the use of motion control when the Switch is docked or in tabletop mode. This method is a lot of fun and with the combination of the 3 types of gameplay, it will keep the game feeling fresh as you flit between them.

Another way Muse Games keeps the player engaged throughout the title is the addition of the in-game store which you can purchase outfits and accessories. These can be unlocked as you complete the 3 objectives in each level and can then be bought with the seeds that are collected throughout the game. Also, the achievements are a fun feature for the completionists out there without it feeling like a chore to play through.

The Chronicles of Ancient Hamster-Fu

As you progress through the game you can unlock new combos and attacks to help you along the way. These can be viewed in the chronicles menu located on the world map. Some of the perks require you to wear certain clothing which needs to be bought from the store to work.

The game looks great. The cartoony gameplay and cutscenes bring charm and plenty of personality to the table. The layout of the game does resemble that of a freemium mobile game with each level making you collect 3 stars and the world map moving from right to left but this isn’t a bad thing. The sound is minimalistic with a basic tune in the background which rarely changed. On the whole, Hamsterdam ran well but I did find a few framerate issues. This caused the gameplay to freeze then try and catch up with itself causing you to miss out on a combo which can be annoying if you are on a winning streak.


Hamsterdam is a fun rhythmic fighter game that oozes character and attitude. The storyline is short and you will be able to complete it in just over an hour. With the unlockables, achievements and collecting all 3 stars from each level there is plenty of reasons to return once the story has finished and for the price tag it is crammed full of content. The Switch is a versatile system with many ways to enjoy gaming, from the use of motion control, touchscreen functionality and the traditional button controls. Hamsterdam takes advantage of all these making the gameplay feeling fresh long after you have destroyed Marlo the Chinchilla. I am also intrigued to find out what the redeem code section is for in the options menu, maybe more outfits for little Pimm to tryout.


• 3 ways to play keeping gameplay fresh and new
• Crammed full of unlockables
• Achievements
• Simple but engaging, easy to pick up and jump straight in


• The storyline is short and can be completed in just over 1 hour
• Frame rate issues causing the game to freeze
• The soundtrack is simple and not memorable

Hamsterdam is a fun simple rhythmic fighting game full of character and attitude which will have you coming back for more long after the main game is finished.

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