[Review] Build a Bridge! – Nintendo Switch

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

Reviewed by Thomas

  • Developer: BoomBit Games Limited
  • Publisher: BoomBit Games
  • Release Date: 17/01/2019
  • Price: £13.49 / $14.99


There’s a certain fascination with bridges. When we see them we can’t help but take a photograph or pose to capture lasting memories. Creative architecture and beautiful designs draw tourists to unique structures worldwide. It’s no surprise there are limitless bridge building games in existence. So how does Build a Bridge support itself against the competition?

Beam Me Up

Build a Bridge is a simple concept. In this physics based puzzle game you need to get a vehicle from point A to point B. With a set budget and limited resources you have to construct a bridge which will hold up a variety of vehicles as they cross a chasm. You start each level in the construction phase. Using the D-pad you select your building material and draw a line to place it. It’s up to you to suss out where each beam and support needs to go to ensure a stable bridge.

The levels start fairly simple and gradually increase in difficulty. The structures you build are common and you’ll use recurring patterns for a successful bridge. This made the game a bit repetitive despite certain obstacles added to challenge your creative architecture. Large cruise ships tear your bridge down if you don’t build high enough. A dragon will fly through your hard work if it’s not low enough. Despite the various obstacles, I always felt like I was building the same thing. Build a Bridge got tiring fast. There are over 80 levels and different worlds to build on. You can leave Earth all together and build in space while dodging, or taking advantage of UFO’s. There’s an Oriental version as well. Aside from different artwork, it was all more of the same. The normal pacing of Build a Bridge was tedious and slow. The option to speed up the game as the automobile runs its course did little to help as it felt superficial.

Bridge on the River Kwai

The price point for Build a Bridge seemed a bit high to me even though it includes a lot of content. The quality of the title felt like it was a rushed mobile port with an upgraded control scheme for the Nintendo Switch. After a quick search I found that was indeed the case.  The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to mobile ports. Some are done better than others. Build a Bridge did execute the use of the Joy Cons well. The controls are smooth and you have the option to play in hand held mode with touch controls.

Not only did I find the game play stale early on, my children did as well. I played Build a Bridge primarily with my daughters and they grew bored within a dozen levels. They found the challenge not worth their time and would use the hints to complete each board. Build a Bridge is better suited for on the go gaming. It was much more enjoyable when I approached the game like a mobile title. Only playing when commuting or in line for a few minutes at a time. For nightly gaming sessions it didn’t hold up when there are deeper, more engaging titles to entice you.

The Golden Gate

The cartoonish art looked fine for a mobile port. It was a nice change of pace to switch to the Orient or Space locales. Once you’re construction is complete and you’re ready to test the durability of your grand creation, there are various viewpoints to pick from. This made watching some of the jumps and crashes slightly more entertaining. Seeing your monster truck do a flip in first person or watch an ambulance race by in a cinematic view mixed up the conclusion of each level.

The title music was charming and enjoyable. I was disappointed when it ceased once the game started. From then on there were few sounds to please the ears. The lack of music added to an already dull experience.

Final Wrap

Ultimately, there are other bridge building games on the eshop that do a better job of taking a hashed out experience and making it unique. There’s little that stands out to make Build a Bridge worth the asking price. Unless you’re a bridge building enthusiast, I would pass this bridge for a much safer route on the eshop highway.


  • Great On-The-Go Experience
  • Huge Amount of Content


  • Tedious Puzzles
  • Bland Sound
  • Slow Pace
  • Repetitive Chore

If you’ve ever cursed having to pay a high fee to cross a toll bridge, you’ll want to pass on this overpriced title.

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