[Review] Battlloon – Nintendo Switch

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

Reviewed by Thomas

  • Developer: noname studio
  • Publisher: Unties
  • Release Date: 28/02/2019
  • Price: $6.99 / £5.49


There are a wide range of gaming experiences available. Be it a single player narrative, a horror game in virtual reality, or battle royale session with a hundred people. Even while playing the same game, the experience is unique to each player. As consoles and games evolve, the way we communicate and interact with each other changes too. There is one experience that has been around since the earliest games. Playing as a group huddled around a television. Aptly called party game, your friends and family can share an experience in the same room. Battlloon capitalizes on this experience as it’s the essence of its gameplay.

99 Red Balloons

Battlloon is a multiplayer party game on one system. The only single player portion is found in practice mode. The game is notably straightforward in design, graphics and the way you play. The main game mode requires at least two players and limits a maximum of four. Each player selects their battle ready balloon, or Battlloon! Once your warrior is selected you enter into a rectangular level of death surrounded by spikes. You won’t find any groundbreaking game elements here. You inflate your battle balloon by holding one button. At any point you can release the build up of air to propel your balloon into opponents. The objective is to knock them into the surrounding wall of spikes while avoiding the same peril yourself. There are only a few levels available in Battlloon. Each level presents a unique challenge. One level has air blowing fans to aid or hinder your movement while another has a spring board you can bounce off of before revealing hideous spikes. There are added environmental elements to increase the difficulty. A meteor may streak across the screen stunning balloons too slow to escape its path. As fun as these elements are, it remains there are only a few levels. Once you play a few rounds you’ll have experienced the whole of Battlloon.

Cat’s in the Cradle

To shake things up, Battlloon offers a varied cast of balloon like warriors to choose from. Whether you like rainbow propelled kittens or a traditional balloon, you’ll have fun trying the different characters. Each one has its own strength so the looks aren’t superficial. Knowing how your character reacts to the other balloons will help you survive each foray. During the selection process while you’re in the lobby you can test out your character. I think my children played in the lobby more than they did in the actual game.

The Bird is the Word

The cute graphics make each character fun to try. My family quickly found thier favorites. More based on how cute the balloon was and less about its ability to combat the others. That’s really what adds a lot of charm to Battlloon. This game isn’t serious and is meant to be fun. That is evident in the adorable characters and the suitable sounds. Though we did test Battlloon in table top mode, it was most fun on the television. Even during games where I watched as an observer I found myself smiling and laughing with my kids. Since it requires two players, handheld mode only works in the practice arena which was seldom used.

Final Wrap

Battlloon wasn’t designed to be played alone. It shines when you get a group together in fierce combat while attempting to pop each other. Battlloon is very simple and gives a lot of joy in that simplicity. My kids and I laughed for nearly a half hour straight because of the antics these battle balloons engage in. If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and put a smile on your face then Battlloon is a perfect title to have in your Switch library.

My Children’s Two Cents

My older daughter says that Battlloon doesn’t work as a solitaire game and is a great family game. There are a lot of different characters with special talents. I laughed a lot playing Battlloon.

My younger daughter loved the colors and the cute cat balloon. She also thought it was funny that the pufferfish was huge and easy to push into the spikes.

My son enjoyed sitting still and letting others fly at him. He would dodge last minute and send them on a suicide run into the wall.


  • Fun for Everyone
  • Easy to Pick Up
  • Cat Riding a Balloon


  • Few Levels
  • Too Short

Battlloon packs a punch in short spurts but quickly runs out of air.

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