[Review] Reventure – Nintendo Switch

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

Reviewed by Elijah

  • Developer: Pixelatto
  • Publisher: Pixelatto
  • Release Date: 08/10/2019
  • Price: £7.99 / $9.99
  • Review code provided by Pixelatto

Undetermined paths

Reventure is truly a classic adventure. A goblet of adventure spilling over the rims like an endless sea. I played for over five hours, and yet I was never even close to finishing.

100 problems and you ain’t one of them

Reventure is a classic 8-bit adventure, bursting at the seams with comedic cutscenes and severely pixelated blood and gore. The game immediately throws you in, giving you no direction whatsoever, leaving you to wander until you meet the king, finding that your main task is to save his daughter, the beautiful princess. He sends you forward and you meet a drawn bridge blocked by a guard, who tells you that you need a sword. Here I go running about after claiming my sword and I accidentally stab a guard. Uh oh, game over. That’s the first ending, yep, I said first. In this game, the “save the princess goal” hides the real goal… finishing all 100 endings.

Humor is displayed in many ways

As I said, this game falls into the adventure category, throwing you into an epic quest to save a princess while traversing an enemy filled world. Thrown into the game, however, is 100 brilliant endings that range from digging down to the center of the earth and falling down an endless pit, to killing the king and usurping his throne.

Just like butter

Choosing to use the joystick over the d-pad in a game such as reventure is a bold move, but it turns out it was actually quite enjoyable. Only able to move in eight directions, I assumed d-pad was a natural choice for a game such as this, but I was proven wrong once again. The fluidity of the controls allow you to hop from platform to platform in a place such as the treacherous flooded cavern, not making a single error resulting in an untimely, albeit hilarious demise.

Each ending you complete gives you a cute little picture on a sub screen with spaces for all 100 endings. A brilliant extra yet slightly useless addon. It did seem to help keep track of what endings you completed so far though. Every time you get an ending or die, the loading screen displays what percentile you are in player ranks. Only barely managing getting into the top 50% of players, I can’t speak very highly.

Pixelated but proud

The 8-bit graphics that this game so proudly use seem outdated in this current day and age, but a blast from the past is simply something to behold when done right. The color palettes utilized throughout the world are simply fantastic, an abstract painting you can interact with. Each little character brings something to the table, whether you are a cat of nine pixels, or a tiny knight in grey armor, the graphics are truly something to behold.

Like the graphics, the music fits right in. A bopping soundtrack as you hop around the world on your glorious quest. The sound effects use a similar style, although it seems with all the boings and crashes they wanted to go for a more comedic tone. When I think of an older style game in the modern age of gaming, this is truly the way it should be done.

No exterminators needed today

I played the game for hours on end, searching for any sort of bugs I might have been able to point out here, but I couldn’t find a single one. The only thing I might actually complain about a weird frame drop I experienced in the evil fortress when you get showered with enemy minions, strange.

A fine quest complete

Overall, this game produced a lot of content for the players, sporting unique graphics and an amazing soundtrack, it is truly a game you would want to pick up.


  • Good graphics
  • Fantastic controls
  • Hilarious humor


  • Weird frame drops
  • Ending the game with a single action leaves the player with a feeling of dismay
  • A weird lack of enemies

Reventure is a good game to play handheld on a family roadtrip

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