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Written by Kieran Fifield

Plugged in With PowerA

With Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing in just 4 weeks time, it goes without saying that now is the time to start thinking about how you plan to play.

Whether you choose to equip a pro controller, use your Joy Cons or play in handheld, there really isn’t a wrong way to play.

Except for all of the aforementioned ways!

None of those are right.

The only way to play Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch is with a wired controller. Not only does this dial the nostalgia all the way up to 11, it also provides a true, as intended game experience. You can bet your bottom dollar that the game devs are doing all their final tweaks and tests with wired inputs. This is due to latency, which to the layman is a delay in data being transferred.

In a life and death, winner takes all situation; Mario VS Sonic for 90’s bragging rights for example, a delay of even a millisecond can be the difference between successfully evading an attack, or being smashed way off of screen.

Gaming Royalty

Now that all the techno mumbo jumbo, to use its official term, is out of the way, it’s time to talk about the Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch, from the good folks over at PowerA  .

The model that I received was the Princess Peach – Shadow Edition and for the record, it is visually glorious. Whilst the rear is the royal pink we’ve become accustomed to associating with Princess Peach over the years, the front offers dual black bezel, by which i mean matte and gloss, and embossed with Goombas and Bob-ombs to name but a few.

Looks aside, this range of controllers differ slightly from the luxury of the official Pro Controller. The immediate and most noticeable omission is that of any form of rumble. Sure, HD rumble was probably off the table, but a basic amount of feedback would have been nice. Also absent from PowerA’s offering is, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, an NFC reader or a gyrometer, which unfortunately means no motion controls.

The Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch feels very sturdy and robust, albeit a lot lighter than the Nintendo Pro Controller, The cable is an interesting proposition, utilising standard micro USB technology, however one glaring issue potentially cripples the entire project. The end of the cable that plugs into the controler has a raised section, that essentialy guides the cable in. Because of this however, you can only use this cable with the controller as others, certainly the ones that I tested, simply don’t fit. In practice this isn’t a problem, the cable itself is 8 feet, around 2 and a half metres, so is long enough to offer plenty of slack.

Unless of course your Nintendo Switch dock is wall mounted to keep little toddler hands away. It still made it to the sofa, just not with any spare cable whatsoever.

Try not to somehow lose the cable though as tracking down a replacement, even with the power of the internet is tricky.

Push the button and let me know

All the buttons found on the official controller are present and correct, and they all feel well made, promptly bouncing back into position and having a nice responsive and comfortable feel about them. They don’t feel quite as organic as the buttons on the official controller, probably due to the fact that they are slightly more raised. The D-pad is however, slightly better than that found on the Pro Controller, offering true omnidirectional movement.


The Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is an excellent budget offering that more than holds its own against the heavy weight of the Pro Controller, albeit it with some reduced functionality. For the entry level price tag, it gives as good as it gets and some. The build quality is of a very high order and the design options available is quite overwhelming, in the best possible way.

When Smash launches on December 7th, i will certainly be putting PowerA’s charming controller offering through the ringer.

An excellent budget control option, that offers both charm and practicality. 

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