[Review] PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Timmy & Tommy Nook

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

Product Specifications

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  • Officially Licensed
  • Ergonomic Layout
  • Motion Controls
  • Two Mappable Buttons
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • LED Indicators
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $49.99
  • Review Unit provided by PowerA

Timmy & Tommy Nook Controller Review

PowerA has a diverse lineup of Nintendo Switch accessories. It’s great to have alternate options especially when franchises you love have a chance of being represented. Not long ago, just a few console generations back, variety was limited on the accessory front. Especially for controllers. What I wouldn’t have given to go back and play Chrono Trigger again with a themed SNES controller. As video games have embedded themselves into our way of life and become less a topic of shame and more a source of pride, one of the perks is companies finding better ways to market their gear. Thus, franchise tie-ins are a natural movement in the right direction. Join me as I take a look at the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, Timmy and Tommy Nook edition from Animal Crossing.

How it Feels

To kick things off, I’m going to do a quick comparison between the Animal Crossing Timmy & Tommy Nook controller to my recently reviewed Witcher 3 controller of the same Enhanced Wireless line from PowerA. I noticed right away that the construction and feel was a lot tighter. The buttons didn’t have a loose wiggle to them I had experienced before. Everything felt solid while playing and the controls had a smooth flow.

How it Plays

The ease of pairing the controller hasn’t changed and I wasted no time in putting the mappable buttons to work. This time, I found great use with Rune Factory 4. In the aforementioned game, to cast additional spells, you’re required to hold the R button in addition to another to cast. Rather than fumble with multiple button presses, I learned I could map two buttons simultaneously to one of the “AG” triggers on the Enhanced Wireless controller. This made combat much easier as before I would accidentally hit the wrong thing, sometimes warping me out of a dungeon, only to have to backtrack and start again.

How it Looks

I love the vibrant green used for the Timmy & Tommy Nook controller. With the drab Winter winding down making way for the brighter Spring, it was a pleasant option to have for greater daylight gaming. Patterned with the famous Leaf from the series it represents, it makes good use of the branding. One gripe I will call out, is that the LED does shine through the plastic. It wasn’t noticeable during daytime or in lighter settings. Once night fell or when using it in a dark room, it was a glaring annoyance at first. After using it for some time, I stopped caring and soon ignored it. Otherwise, the LED offers clear indication of which player the controller is set for. Using the Animal Crossing controller brought a smile to my face, if for nothing else, than to serve as a reminder that the release of it’s companion game is on the horizon.

How it Differs

When comparing the many controllers on the market, the Enhanced Wireless controller is closest related to Nintendo’s own Pro Controller. Though it lacks the HD rumble and amiibo support, motion controls are present. The motion controls still felt a bit loose and sensitive. All of these features are an added bonus in my mind and I hardly put them to use. The PowerA controller doesn’t have the same heft to it which isn’t a shock considering the reduced features. For the cost difference it seems like a good trade off.

Finally, the Enhanced Wireless controller is battery power only. This hadn’t bothered me much in the past until I ran out of juice and couldn’t find any spares. For whatever reason, the batteries included with the Witcher 3 controller were a name brand company and lasted a lot longer. With the Timmy & Tommy Nook version it was some off-brand which died in mere hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were directly sourced from Tom Nook himself. Of course I joke, as the included batteries probably came down to a random luck of the draw. It did however point out the drawback of lacking the ability to charge the controller while playing.

How it Scores

While wrapping up my review of the Timmy & Tommy Nook controller, I considered some of the flaws I found in the Witcher 3 controller. What otherwise might be granted the same score for the Enhanced Wireless series from PowerA, there’s little difference aside from the aesthetics. Or so I thought. It’s absolutely a comfortable controller which exudes happiness. The added buttons are a huge win and I love that I can wake up my Switch while using this series. The Animal Crossing controller did fare better in its construction by playing smoother and feeling tight. The battery issue is more to do with luck and what you choose to buy going forward but the LED shining through the controller was certainly off putting.

Through PowerA’s themed accessories, we have a crowning cumulation of variety in available controllers to match the games we love. The Timmy & Tommy Nook Enhanced Wireless Controller embodies that pairing in its vibrant design.


  • Animal Crossing Design
  • Mappable Buttons
  • Easy to Program and Pair
  • Excellent Price


  • LED Brighter than Plastic
  • AA Batteries

The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller – Timmy & Tommy Nook edition is a beautifully designed accessory well worth your hard earned bells.

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