[Review] New Super Lucky’s Tale – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: Playful Corp.
  • Publisher:  Playful Corp.
  • Release Date:  08/11/2019
  • Price: £35.99 $39.99
  • Review code provided by Playful Corp.

Meet Lucky Swiftail

Lucky has come a long way since his first outing on the Oculus Rift back in 2016, with a sequel released a year later exclusively for the Xbox One and PC due to Microsoft Studios publishing the game. It’s now time for Lucky to take on the Kitty Litter once again and collect the lost pages from the Book of Ages anywhere and anytime on the Nintendo Switch. The relationship between the big N and Microsoft is definitely a strange and unique one which has seen some of Microsoft’s biggest indie titles make their way over to the Switch. As a consumer, I can only say it’s a good thing and with the likes of Cuphead and Ori already in the eShop, it feels natural that Lucky is making his way over to the hybrid console.

New Super Lucky’s Tale for the Switch is a complete version of the game which comes with the previously released DLC, additional content and updated visuals with improved controls. Microsoft has well and truly spoilt us. Playful Corp. has implemented every element imaginable to make a great platforming experience from the huge open 3D explorable worlds like Banjo Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon to the oh so familiar 2D side-scrolling made popular by the one and only Italian plumber, Super Mario Bros. Playful have also thrown in puzzles, big 3D arena bosses, collectibles and rainbow laser dolphins for good measure.

Book Of Ages

The story is about a young fox named Lucky who needs to collect the missing pages from the book of ages to restore normality in the kingdom and to bring back your family. Jinx wants the book for evil so you will have to beat him and the Kitty Litter to those pages and destroy any foe that gets in your path. You won’t be alone, with the help from the locals the book will be in the right hands in no time.

The Cinematics of the cutscenes are beautifully drawn and very reminiscent of 90’s cartoon. The gameplay is as you would expect for a platformer of this style with the controls being easy to grasp they are also very responsive and solid. The only gripe I had was that to jump you can press either A or B but A is also your interact button so when you are close to an item you can touch it by pressing A. An example of this would be if you were carrying a torch and had to jump up to the next ledge and pressed A it would throw the item away rather than jump. There is also no option to change the button map.

There are 5 worlds to explore in total, these worlds act as hubs which contain levels, Mini-games, Geovanni and a boss battle. To unlock the boss you will have to collect a set amount of pages in the world. Each level has 4 pages to collect and each puzzle has one. There are different ways in which you can collect a page you can complete the level, collect over 300 coins, find the hidden page or find the 5 letters that spell out L-U-C-K-Y. Geovanni is a pushy salesman so if you have collected enough coins from your travels go give him a visit and treat yourself to a set of new threads. A Mullet and an 80’s sports leotard is the way forward I think.

The performance of Lucky’s Tale is generally a positive experience with very little frame rate issues. There were a couple of instances when items would disappear and reappear in the background as you got closer but nothing that would hinder the gameplay. I am not sure if it’s added mechanic to the game or a bug but sometimes when you kill an enemy or collect a letter, Lucky would slow down causing a break in flow and could lead to a mis-jump or a fall. The difficulty of the game is also a little on the easy side, the only time I felt challenged was the final boss battle with Jinx or going through the guardian trials.

Such a Photogenic Fox

Screen capture has been a staple part of any console for the last few years and the switch is no different. Lucky’s Tale is the first game though that has such a photogenic protagonist who looks like he poses for the camera when not moving about.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a game full of charm with the crisp colourful graphics, hilarious NPC, Pop culture references throughout and a gripping storyline it feels right at home on the switch and for an indie game, it offers an AAA experience. Once you have defeated Jinx and you have completed the main story the 6th world will be unlocked, the town of Foxington a place where you can take part in trials to earn you Sigil. The guardian trials are made up of strength, agility and Puzzles. so have you got what it takes to complete all 16 challenges and earn your position as a fully-fledged guardian for the book of ages? The Strength challenges are made up of boss battles, the puzzle will test your balancing skills as you navigate a ball through a maze to collect all the coins and finally agility which will have you jumping, rolling, ducking. I loved the 80’s theme so inspirational especially with the 80’s montage music going in the background.


New Super Lucky’s Tale is a great addition to the Switch catalogue and is a must-buy for any platformer fans. The gameplay is fun, witty, memorable and will have you coming back for more long after the main story has finished. The main game will last roughly 10 hours and for those completionists out there I would suspect there are around 30+ hours of fun to be had. I just hope further games in the series will also be released on the switch as the last cutscene drops a massive cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more.

Did I also mention there are friggin rainbow laser Dolphins if that’s not a reason to buy this game I don’t know what is ………


• 6 huge worlds to explore
• A solid platforming experience
• Brilliant storyline and hilarious dialogue


• A and B are used for jump can get confusing
• A Little short for the premium price tag
• Difficulty is a little on the easy side

A fun, light-hearted platformer that will have you smiling with joy from all the pop culture references and hilarious dialogue. Lucky is right at home on the Switch.


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  1. iMenchi says:

    I agree with your review. I haven’t finished the guardian trials, but so far I’ve died twice as much going through them as I did going through the rest of the game. I had a little trouble with the 4th boss, but the 5th boss was the most trouble for me before the guardian trials.

    It’s a good game, but I’m also not sure it is long or difficult enough that I can justify the premium price tag.

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