[Review] Must Dash Amigos – Nintendo Switch

Written by Paige Detlefsen
  • Developer: miniBeast Games
  • Publisher: miniBeast Games
  • Release Date: 05/11/2019
  • Price: £14.99 / $17.99 
  • Review code provided by miniBeast Games

Arriba Arriba

Must Dash Amigos is a party racing game for up to four local players. Instead of racing laps you’ll race to the death. As you continue to accelerate the camera follows the person in first place. If you fall off the map or get behind the camera you’ll lose.

Ándale ándale

You have a lot of typical items you might find in a kart racer, such as projectiles, back thrown items and boosts. Yet there are some unique ones such as the hammer, which turns other players into an avocado, slowing them down. If you manage to hit them before they turn back they’ll be out of that race. Some items can be to your own detriment such as tequila which distorts the screen. 

Rounds are done in a first to a certain number of points. When all other places have perished, the race will continue after a quick countdown. Everything on stage within these rounds stays including any salsa traps, and the pinata stampedes that push you around (or off tight spaces). This keeps the action going faster and prevents anyone from feeling too advantaged as they would in a normal racer. 

There are twelve different tracks. Later ones get more interesting with stage hazards. Such as giant boulders and rafts you have to turn around on to stop your momentum.

The only single player content is time trials and challenges. There are three different kinds of challenges, all within a time limit. In multiplayer you can set up races. Where you can change how often stampedes occur and at what time the killer stampede shows up. That being a stampede you can’t avoid and will instantly take you out of the race.

There is also a battle mode which is points based within a time limit. This uses the same items as the race mode, but the stages are different. 

The only way to play in longer sessions with different map is tourney mode. Here you can play in cups with or without battle stages.

When playing together or successfully completing single player content you earn mustachios. These can be spent on the unlockable costumes for the four playable characters. Which makes them look a bit like each other.


The game is done with a simplistic 3D style, most everything is mexican themed. With burrito missiles, tequila, invici-bulls and so on. While the graphics aren’t impressive, it suits the style of game. Everything is clearly shown, except on the one stage where it’s not supposed to be. 

The game’s soundtrack can be a little quieter than it needs to be at times. All the characters have lines they say when using particular items, Maria sounds a bit masculine. 

Speedy Gonzales

I didn’t have any technical issues with the game. However there are some serious lacking features for a game which feels a bit more like a mini game. There are no COMS so if you have no one locally, or only another your interest in the game won’t last long. It also has no online play whatsoever, which is something I feel like this game could really benefit from. Not being able to change tracks without quitting back to the main menu is also irritating.

I Mustache You

Must Dash Amigos is a fun quick paced party game, creating hectic fun for multiple players. Even with it’s thematic packaging and different take on racing games it still struggles to stand out.


  • Fun Items
  • Quick Paced Party Game
  • Simple controls


  • No online play
  • No computer players
  • Bland presentation


While Must Dash Amigos is a decent choice for quick multiplayer fun, but still feels like a mini-game. Only good for some occasions and not at all for any solo gamers.

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