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Written by Kieran Fifield

Dawn of the 3rd Day – 24 Hours Remaining

As wednesday swings into life, your friendly neighbourhood nintendad brings you day 3 of his brand collaboration spectacular with the inimitable PowerA.

On the agenda today is the Premium Card Case – Breath of the Wild Edition.

External storage

Now, If like myself you’re a bit of a collector – the kinda guy that likes a hard copy of his media, not just a rented digital copy, you may find that you have a whole plethora of plastic game cartridges scattered around the shop.

Obviously what with being a nintendad and all, my home is extremely child friendly.

As well as that all the free space has since been delegated to toy space, as well as a lot that wasn’t free. There used to be a bookcase here.


The somewhat convoluted point that I’m trying to make is that, since becoming a nintendad I have a lot less space to store books, games and other media.

My process when buying new games essentially is open box, admire box art, pop cartridge in storage case, put game box in designated storage container in the attic.

As I briefly touched upon yesterday, the sublime travel case from PowerA has 9 slots for game carts, which is an incredible amount to have on you at all times, 10 if you include the one in the Switch.

But what do you do when you need another 12 slots? Well that should be blindingly obvious by now.

You pick up the Nintendo Switch Premium Game Card Case.

Case in point

Let’s start with the aesthetic. This product is beautiful, the simplicity of its elegance can’t and shouldn’t be understated.

As well as that, it quickly becomes apparent how well made the case is. The hinges all feel secure and sturdy and the locking mechanism is stiff and firm, but not fiddly or unnecessarily complicated. And the material that holds the cartridges is somewhat rubbery, offering a firm grip whilst at the same time, the game cartridges just pop right out of the case with the upmost of ease.

The case itself holds 12 Nintendo Switch game cards as well as 12 micro SD cards. More than any man or woman should ever need, unless they’re buying their storage media off of Wish that is…

All in all, the Nintendo Switch Premium Game Card Case is a really well made, attractive item. It’s got to be said though, it’s probably not for everyone, it’s certainly a vanity item and more for collectors or people like myself with limited storage. Compared to my current case, this product is leaps and bounds ahead in design, performance and accessibility.

Once again, PowerA delivers.

Beautiful vanity item for the disconcerting collector


Buy the Nintendo Switch Premium Card Case here – Various Designs available

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