[Feature] Kids’ Corner – Strike Force Kitty – Nintendo Switch Review

  • Developer: Deqaf Studio
  • Publisher: No Gravity Games
  • Release Date: 29/11/19
  • Price: $4.99 / £4.49
  • Review code provided by No Gravity Games


For this edition of Kid’s Corner, we Jump into a platformer all about cats! Strike Force Kitty lists itself as “a light platformer all about cats and kittens,” but does it deliver? To find out I tasked our resident lover of feline friends, my seven year old daughter, to command these kittens. From the eShop appearances, this looks like a perfect game for a budding cat enthusiast of a young age. So join Tali and I to see if judging this book by it’s adorable fluffy cover pays off.

What Does the Fox Say

In Strike Force Kitty, you lead a squad of four multi-talented cats. Strike Force Kitty borrows from numerous games and franchises across several consoles and generations. Least of which is the tried-and-true story of a plumb… I mean, a cat rescuing a princess narrative. The vile and cunning foxes have invaded your lands and they take whatever they please. It’s up to you to direct a group of ferocious cats from level to level to thwart the foxes and gain back what was lost.

The Cat’s Meow

Strike Force Kitty isn’t quite the platformer it would have you believe. In fact, it attempts to blend multiple genres. This isn’t uncommon as many independent developers try to find unique approaches to mix up the gameplay experience. Some have more success at this blending than others. In Strike Force Kitty, your cat contingency moves unaided from the left of the screen to the right. Limited inputs from the player can help the cats jump from one level to the next or over pits. That’s about the extent of player control, which is extremely minimal. Since jumping is the only control you’re give, one would expect it to be nicely executed. Unfortunately, the jumping feels forced and the action is anything but smooth. More often than not the cat’s would jump to no avail and drop to the lower section of the map and continue on their merry way. The platforming was uninspired and didn’t pay off with a few gimmicky puzzles along the way.

Combat with the fiendish foxes in Strike Force Kitty was similar in that it attempts to give a semblance of control but in reality is just lacking in excitement and design. Borrowing from the role playing genre, when your convoy of cats marches into an onscreen enemy, turn-based battle ensues. Normally I would be thrilled at this prospect. Unfortunately the game takes all control from the player and the courageous kittens attack on their own, similar to moving around the screen. As the game gets going, each cat can use a skill which has to be activated by the player but it didn’t add any satisfaction to the combat system.

One of the redeeming qualities in Strike Force Kitty is the ability to acquire gear from downed foes. The enemies don clothing with clear references to other games. I’ll admit, making a squirtle kitty or assassin cat was fun to see. Skills and strengths are determined by the garb your kitten squad covers themselves with so it adds some enticement to see what loot you can find and then test out to make the best team possible.

Hey, Foxy Lady!

From a graphical standpoint, Strike Force Kitty is adorable. The movement of the cats and various specials they carry out are a joy to watch. Sending your kitties to the gym to improve stats is a nice touch as well. There are a lot of cute aspects in Strike Force Kitty but the overall gameplay makes it hard to stay devoted to fighting finicky foxes. We didn’t run into technical issues or bugs. The menu while at home base is more complicated than it needs to be and often confusing. Again, my daughter had to have me step in to do what should be simple tasks. Like training and selecting a new level to attempt. Though this isn’t a bug but rather a poor design choice.

Final Wrap

The lackluster gameplay can be excused for the asking price. Especially if you just want to doll up some kittens in outfits from your favorite games. What makes Strike Force Kitty hard to recommend is the difficulty level and overly complicated menu system. My seven year old is a fairly competent gamer. She can hold her own in Fortnite, craft to her heart’s content in Minecraft and dominate me in Super Smash Bros. Due to the imprecise pouncing for the light platforming and the lack of any direction on how to improve your cats through costume, she struggled to play past the first few levels and quickly lost interest. If you’re looking at Strike Force Kitty for a younger audience, you’ll want to look again. This isn’t a simple romp through the park. Before long, Tali was simply trying to avoid battle when possible and ultimately gave up.


  • Cute Collectibles


  • Lacking Gameplay
  • Steep Difficulty
  • Rough Controls
  • Complicated Menu Screens

Strike Force Kitty pretends to hold your hand, only to leave you to the wolves.. Or foxes.

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