[Review] JigSaw Solace – Nintendo Switch

Written by Austin King
  • Developer: Playstige Interactive
  • Publisher: Playstige Interactive
  • Release Date: 04/12/2019
  • Price: £3.59 / $3.99 
  • Review code provided by Playstige Interactive

Placing the pieces

Jigsaw Solace is jigsaw puzzle game with a total of thirty images.

The controls are a bit weird. You use the “d-pad” to select a piece, hold with “a” but then have to use the left stick to move it. You cannot place pieces outside of the area so you will have to swap them around. It can be a bit imprecise and I’d often need to reorganise pieces that got misplaced. For some reason this game does not have any touchscreen controls. The pieces do not lock in when in the correct spot.

All different puzzles are available from the start. They are grouped into different themes, and you can turn any puzzle into the four different sizes. Those being 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8. Although the game tells you how many you have finished, doing one in different sizes does not add to the count. There doesn’t appear to be any bonus for completing all the puzzles.

I’ve Seen, I Saw

The pictures are a mix of photographs and illustrations. These are grouped based on animals, portraits or space and so on. Other than that nothing about them feels cohesive. You can change the background colour though it is a bit bland. There is some background music which is less annoying when turned down just a bit.

Jiggy with it

Twice when I finished a jigsaw it would switch to another complete picture. In a few others there would be lines between the pictures even when they were in the right place.

Get it together

I wasn’t under the impression that you could mess up a jigsaw puzzle game, yet JigSaw Solace exists. With minor glitches, weird controls and pretty small piece amounts.


  • Decent image quality


  • Minor bugs
  • Weird controls
  • No touchscreen controls
  • The biggest puzzle size is only 64 pieces

If you want to put together jigsaws puzzles on your Switch, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

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