[Hardware review] PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro

Written by Kieran Fifield
  • Made by PDP
  • Come in five Nintendo themed designs
  • Available worldwide
  • Out now
  • Review units provided by PDP

Wired FTW

Having spent an extensive amount of time with the Wired Fight Pad from PDP I can say, it’s a competitor in the somewhat over saturated market off GameCube clone controllers. Launched just in time for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s phenomenally successful launch, it would appear to be the perfect partner for people looking for another way to play. With it being available in 3 styles to begin with; Super Mario – Red, The Legend of Zelda – Blue and Pokemon, more specifically Pikachu – Yellow, there’s certainly an option for most. And with two more designs imminent; Luigi and Princess Peach, the choice really is quite exceptional.

To start with, The Wired Fight pad is ever so larger than a traditional GameCube controller which for the most part is fine, but did take a while to get used to, having used the GC controller for playing Smash ever since Melee without ever taking a moment to look back. Once my hands acclimatised themseles with the ever so slightly larger build, I felt comfortable jumping into the arena and putting this product through its paces.

Wired Fight Pad Pro (NS – Pikachu – EU) (Nintendo Switch)

Hello bumpers my old friends…

The first thing that was apparent was the lack of of analogue triggers. Instead, the Wired fight pad has digital buttons which really take a massive part of the nostalgia of the source material away. However, the bumpers are reminiscent of the old Z button found on the GC controllers of yesteryear. And for good measure there is now one on the left side of the controller as well as the right.

The actual length of the cable is perfectly adequate, and nearly reaches the length of my lounge to the sofa. This isn’t a problem with the PDP model though, but the exact gripe I have with every single Wired controller I try. Due to my Switch being wall mounted, what should comfortably reach the sofa – say if the Switch was in front of the TV on a stand, just falls short. Due to the aforementioned familiarity of this issue I do however own a USB extender which ameliorates that. Not a deal breaker but perhaps worth noting if like myself you have your dock in a fixed location or own a particularly large abode with a equally grand living area or gaming space.

The inclusion of a c-stick nub, that can replace the right analogue stick by simply popping it out is a really fascinating design decision and one that thankfully pays off. Whilst a traditional right analogue stick certainly appeals to a broader audience, for Smash games, a flick of the c-stick during a heated round of fights can be the difference between victory and defeat. As well as the practical implications, it’s also packs nostalgia by the bucket load and really hits home hard in delivering a true likeness with the overall aesthetic.

Wired Smash Pad Pro (NS – Mario – EU) (Nintendo Switch)

Anybody for a round of Smash?

In play, the controller performs absolutely flawlessly, offering accurate and speedy input with absolutely no input delay. The buttons all feel genuine, like a Nintendo made product and offer a good amount of resistance, meaning that when you press them they bounce back almost immediately, ensuring that button presses register in your consciousness as well as in the game. The D-pad functions as you would expect it to – up is up, down is down and everything does exactly what it should. Due to it’s design, it’s slightly smaller than the D-Pads you find today but that’s more of an observation than a gripe.

Being a USB device, The Wired Fight Pad Pro from PDP is compatible with all of the games on the Nintendo Switch’s extensive library, providing of course that the title doesn’t require motion controls or Joy Con to be seperate.

Wired Smash Pad Pro (NS – Link – EU) (Nintendo Switch)


With there being so much choice in today’s market for controller options, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a wired game pad, the Wired Fight Pad from PDP is a flawless specimen, offering nostalgia, style and performance in equal measure and providing the best USB controller option available on the Nintendo Switch. It really is hard to fault this model with anything constructive.

The Wired Fight Pad from PDP is the pinnacle of USB controller options for Nintendo Switch.

Highly recommended for Super Smash Bros. aficionados.


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