[Review] God Eater 3 – Nintendo Switch

Written by Lachlan Bruce
  • Developer: Marvelous First Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Release Date: 12/07/2019
  • Price: £49.99/$59.99
  • Review code provided by: Bandai Namco

Feed your weapon some delicious monsters

Hunting giant monsters is the aim in this over-the-top action hack-and-slash game from Bandai Namco. You take control of an AGE, someone who wields a god arc weapon, and can traverse the ash-covered wasteland of the outside to take out the monsters that wander the lands, known as Aragami.

The story begins with you in a prison of sorts, being treated like the absolute lowest form of life. You are nothing but a tool to be used up in the wastelands, and your death means nothing to those that send you on these dangerous missions. As things progress, your group of AGEs end up in a much better situation, though many still view your kind as fodder to be sent to their deaths. Despite that, your group is determined to better their situation, and carve out their own place in the world.

As far as characters go, God Eater 3 is chock full of memorable people along the way. Your group of Aragami-hunting whackos have some engaging character developments along your journey, and each has a distinct personality that you can’t help but love. The supporting cast is just as varied, and help to make you care about the story being told here, even though it is a little cliche.

Feasting on the flesh of your enemies

The game itself is similar to the Monster Hunter series. It has an action-based combat system that changes depending on the weapon you have equipped, and you must take down giant monsters in long drawn-out battles, often with a party of three other people. Unlike Monster Hunter, those helping in the fight can be NPCs, so you can theoretically solo some of the harder to kill Aragami, though things always go smoother with friends to help you through.

Your God Arc weapon has two main modes, one for melee attacks and one for ranged attacks. Each mode has many different variants you can choose from. In melee mode, you can have some straightforward weapons like swords and hammers, though there are some fun variants as well, such as giant scythes and a moon-type blade. Each weapon does vary from one another, though the play-styles don’t differ as wildly as they do in Monster Hunter.

God Eater Switch

Combo fun at the firing range

You can pull off some limited combos, with each weapon type having its own unique moveset, though the inputs for the combos are largely the same. No matter what variant you choose, they all are capable of devouring the enemy. Pulling off a devour move that turns your weapon into a beast-like head that chomps on the enemy. Doing this grants you the power to use special moves, which deal more power than your standard light and heavy attacks. You can equip a ground, aerial and step special, which relate to where you need to be to pull off the moves. Each one activates differently, and can be as simple as tapping your normal attack buttons, or as complex as pressing a button combination within a strict timing window.

Ranged attacks are a little less interesting. To build up bullets to fire with, you must first land a few physical blows on the enemy. Physical attacks grants you OP, which you then use to fire your ranged weapon on the Aragami you are fighting. You can choose from a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, or a laser rifle. Aiming at an enemies weak point will obviously deal more damage, and certain monsters will be more open to your ranged weapons than others.

The monsters themselves can have parts sliced from them, weakening those parts of their bodies. They can also enter enraged states, and can even devour you just like you God Arc can, which grants them devastating attacks if you allow that to happen.

Customisation is the spice of life

Your character is one created yourself in the rather fun character creator. Due to the anime-look to the character design, you can really make some great looking anime protagonists to control. My own character, Sora Majima (take a guess what games that name was inspired by), was a baby-faced purple-haired killing machine, and he fit in well with the wide array of NPCs in the game.

You can also gather blueprints as you progress through the game. These blueprints allow you to craft new weapons, gear and abilities, making you a much more powerful and effective God Eater, or just a more bad-ass looking Aragami slayer.

Anime: the Musical

As mentioned before, the character designs are done in an anime style that is rather striking to behold. Enemy designs are great as well, be it the small fodder enemies to the giant Ash Aragami beasts. The environments don’t fair as well, being a bit bland and uninspired for the most part, but you will be far too focused on the battles at hand to really notice.

God Eater 3 also has a ripping soundtrack, along with some great sound design in general. The sounds of combat really capture the frenetic pace of everything, and enemy roars sound as intimidating as the beasts look. There is also a top-notch Japanese voice over, which suits the very Japanese anime look of the entire game.

How goes swITch (that pun is a stretch)

Playing God Eater 3 on the Switch, at no point did I feel that I was playing a lesser version of the game. Everything ran smoothly to my eye, with acceptable loading times and a stable experience overall. My only complaint is that some textures are clearly downgraded, though they are only really noticeable during some of the cutscenes, and never distracted from the overall experience.

That said, I did encounter one weird bug. During one battle, my characters lover half disappeared, making my character a weird floating torso. It was very odd, though it only ever happened once, and was the only noticeable bug that I experienced in my time with the game.


  • Fast-paced combat is fun and engaging
  • Character designs are on point
  • Story is surprisingly engaging
  • Great visual and sound design


  • The gameplay loop becomes rather repetitive
  • Environments are a bit bland


Bringing down giant monsters with your God Eater weapon is a thrill, albeit a repetitive one.


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