[Review] Escape from the Universe – Nintendo Switch

Written by Wyatt
  • Developer: CAT-astrophe Games
  • Publisher: CAT-astrophe Games
  • Release Date: 16/08/2019
  • Price: $9.99 / £9.00
Escape From The Universe – Trailer

A Return to the 80s?

Cat-astrophe games, developers behind the recent Escape from the Universe on Nintendo Switch, wanted to capture the magic of old retro shoot-em ups such as Galaga, and it only kind of succeeds.

An Empty Universe

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Escape the Universe

The game’s presentation is incredibly simplistic, with everything being mostly black or gray, except for things that can damage you, which are pink (your ship is also pink, and your bullets are yellow), and things that can instantly kill you are green. It makes sense and lets you adapt to the the objects in the game quickly. Only issue, there’s not many objects to interact with. It takes at most 2-3 hours of gameplay to experience everything there is to experience. All of it is incredibly repetitive and not fun. The music is also insanely repetitive to the point I just turned off my Switch volume and listened to better game music while trying not to fall asleep.

A Galactic History

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Escape the Universe

The main plot of this game is you’re a pilot, you’re in space, and the Earth was destroyed by some aliens. There’s other main quests however, each one not really connecting to the other, and costs loads of in-game money (that you get from completing levels) to access. At the end of each main quest, you’re represented with a choice, a morale dilemma of some sort, this is a cool concept, except it means absolutely nothing, and it takes hours just to get to one, which is disappointing.

Intergalactic Grind

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Escape the Universe

There’s only a few types of levels in the game. First one is just shoot the enemies and get to the end. Second is to dodge the one-hit kill objects and get to the end (end up doing the exact same movements on some of these for minutes on end). And third is catch up to another ship, similar to the first, but there’s another reason to go fast besides just wanting to be done with the level. There are also sometimes bosses at the end of a level. Beating a level gives you tokens, tokens allow you to either upgrade your ship or go do another main quest. This system would be fine if the game was actually fun.


  • Interesting presentation idea
  • Choices can be interesting


  • Not fun at all
  • Music is bland
  • Too much grinding, too little reward
  • Incredibly repetitive

A bland, repetitive game through a fittingly bland and repetitive environment that does not deliver the promise on an interesting retro shoot-em up


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