[Review] Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac – Nintendo Switch

Written by Paige Detlefsen
  • Developer: La Poule Noire
  • Publisher: La Poule Noire
  • Release Date: 26/02/2020
  • Price: £14.39 / $18.99
  • Review code provided by Future Friends Games

Introducing: Edgar Bokbok Review

Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac is a debut indie title for La Poule Noire. It’s a classic adventure game. While games in this genre are much more niche nowadays, they are becoming increasingly common on the Switch.

Edgar is a pumpkin and squash farmer who lives with his chicken that I believe is named Precious. One day the machine used to keep the lionfiles at bay fails and thus he sets out to the town of Boulzac to find more Razidium to save the squash. No one is particularly helpful, and are more interested in their green pendants.


This is a bit of a point and click adventure game. You move Edgar around and can store five items in his inventory. You’ll generally converse with townspeople to find what you need, and do some fetching and trading. There are times when you’ll need to combine different items but not many. You have some dialogue options but can usually use them all. Outside of that there are rare occasions with other gameplay, such as sneaking your chicken to steal keys without getting spotted and a chase sequence.

Once you’ve finished the main game, pressing continue game will give you recipes for: Squash Gratin, Squash Flan, Butternut Squash Soup and Pumpkin Crumble. Of course if you start a new game on your profile you’ll have to beat it again to find the recipes (so.. don’t do that!).

Explosive Habits

Edgar Bokbok in Boulzac Nintendo Switch

Edgar’s world is done in an illustrated style. Which is charmingly chunky. Thanks to the small village cast no characters appear the same. The game has intermittent rain that doesn’t seem to change much but having a weather cycle is something novel in a game like this.

There’s no voice acting, unless you count the chook. Who express themselves with boks and emojis. Most text is shown in speech bubbles. The musical tunes that play can be rather nice, though most of your time will be spent in Boulzac which plays next to none. I had absolutely no technical issues with the game and it ran perfectly fine.


Edgar Bokbok in Boulzac Nintendo Switch

Unlike many point and click adventure games Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac offers absolutely no challenge. One of the few instances where I had to combine items I did so on accident. Often the game will show you the icon of what item is needed, mostly in the early part. I beat the game in two hours and at least twenty minutes was running around from my own idiocy at not noticing the antique store had a new item.

The story does have a lot of silly light humor, the dress code exchange where he says “there’re gucchiz” is the worst example but one of my favourites. While there’s a darker side to the story it’s by no means scary or grotesque.

Though it’s charming with some light humor that (and a few recipes) is all this game has to offer. With no complex puzzles to speak of. Both the story and gameplay are quite shallow.


  • Funny Humour
  • Recipes
  • A Chicken!


  • Very Short
  • No Challenge
  • Basic Gameplay and Story


If you’re interested in some humour and don’t mind the brevity, then this can be an enjoyable game. I found it much too simple and don’t believe it’ll be very memorable. Though I’m looking forward to giving a recipe or two a try. I just have to beat the game again first.


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