[Review] Crash Drive 2 – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill
  • Developer: M2H
  • Publisher: M2H
  • Release Date:  07/02/2020
  • Price: £7.19 $8.99
  • Review code provided by M2H


Crash Drive 2 is an open-world racing game with a plethora of vehicles to unlock from Ice Cream vans to Snowplows. With different terrains to explore, there are tons of fun to be had for any adrenaline junkie. There are 6 random events to keep you busy and help you level up your car using the RPG inspired levelling system, max out your stats and upgrade your whip.

M2H have released an immensely fun racer that instantly amplifies the experience once you take it online with the embedded multiplayer mode. Players can jump in and out of the vast open map making every play a unique one.

When Crash Drive 1 was released a fan favourite vehicle was the tank, M2H have listened and decided to add a whole new mode called Tank Battles a high octane arena brawl against you and other players fighting it out to blast each other off the platform to earn points.

Tony Hawks Pro Racer

When I was darting around the canyons in the first level pulling off stunts and hitting half pipes made of rock there was one game franchise that sprung to mind and that was Tony Hawks. Two totally different games but the concept was the same. Get as much air as possible and try to fit in as many combos before hurtling to the ground and bagging an insane amount of points.

Crash Drive 2 is designed for multiplayer in mind and this is the main downfall if you don’t subscribe to the Nintendo online services or are unable to connect your switch to the internet. The maps can feel barren and with only 4 levels and the tank battles mode it is a little on the short side. When you start the game the other 3 levels are locked but with only having to achieve 3 objectives they can all be unlocked within the first 1 hour of playing.

To unlock the vehicles you need to earn in-game money to spend in the garage. The money can be used to buy new cars or to upgrade the ones you already have. They are tiered with new vehicles being added as you level up. This can feel like a grind at times because currency is sparse and rising through the ranks can take time.

Same Bat-time, same bat-channel

The visuals of Crash Drive 2 are cartoony. This made it look vibrant and clean, it holds up really well in both handheld and docked modes. To add to the cartoony effects every time you collide into another player or an innocent tree the words Thwomp or Pow appear on the screen like a typical fight scene from 1960’s depiction of Batman. RIP Adam West you will always be my Batman. The audio seems a little haphazard with music only present during an event and the main menu. If you are driving around aimlessly through the snowcapped mountains with just the sounds of your surroundings and the roaring from the engine. It will catch you off guard when an event starts and the sudden music from a typical police chase documentary pounds through your speakers.

The online multiplayer was mostly a positive experience but I did experience a few lagging issues causing delays to races and some hilarious glitches. The main issue was playing Tank Battles where there would be a delay between hitting an opponent then a few seconds later they would fly off the screen. The controls are responsive letting you throw your vehicle into tight corners without losing control and landing impressive stunts. The cars seem to drive all the same which makes me think that they are a skin rather than vehicles with their own attributes.


Crash Drive 2 is a fun open-world racer that truly comes to life when you take the action online. With only 4 levels to explore, playing offline can lose its appeal rather quickly. The Tank Battles mode is the icing on the cake and is a blast online. Visually Crash Drive looks great and controls very well but the audio feels unfinished and awkward in places. There are plenty of unlockable vehicles but honestly, you will give up before collecting them all due to the time it takes to level up and the amount of money you need to buy them. The game is priced fairly for the amount of content included but would benefit from extra levels added in the future via DLC. For a 7-year-old game, it holds up really well on the switch.


• Competitive online multiplayer
• 30+ vehicles to unlock
• Car levelling system
• Tank Battle Modes


• Audio seems unfinished
• Offline mode feels short
• Online multiplayer can suffer from lag

An entertaining open-world racer that comes to life when you join your mates online and battle it out to earn the most points and take the crown

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