[Review] Assault on Metaltron – Nintendo Switch

Written by Derek Wright
  • Developer: Blue Sunset Games
  • Publisher: Blue Sunset Games
  • Release Date: 20/03/2019
  • Price: $6.99 / £5.99
  • Review code provided by Blue Sunset Games

The Last Bastion of Hope

Tower defense games are very interesting to me. I first discovered this genre as a mini game within Final Fantasy VII. For those of you that have played FF7, many will remember defending Fort Condor from Shinra forces. I loved this game and when I finished this short story line, I was bummed. I wanted more of this interesting tactical strategy game. It wasn’t until years later that I got my second taste of the genre with Crystal Defenders. I developed a soft spot for tower defence, which is why my interest was piqued when I got my hands-on Assault on Metaltron. Could this be the next game in my short love affair with tower defence genre? Or will Metaltron be left in ruin, let’s dive in and see for ourselves.

Metaltron Has Fallen!

Assault on Metaltron is a tower defence game in which the player takes control of a golem/robot that is charged with defending Metaltron from the legions of humans and orcs that seek to conquer it! Why are the humans and orcs after this planet? Why did they team up when orcs and humans normally hate each other? Why is a robot golem building towers? I’m not quite sure, the story is nonexistent, but this robot can sure build some impressive towers.

Rebuilding the Future

You take control of the Golem, the lone defender of Metaltron as you try and keep the orcs and humans from stealing the power crystals. Enemies follow a set pattern along the map which is littered with building spots that resemble alien trees. In these spots you can build from an assortment of different towers to either attack the enemy forces directly or create support towers. Controlling the Golem is easy enough as you build/upgrade with B and move with the directional buttons. One interesting aspect is that you can level up your towers by having your Golem dance near the tower. To do this, move the Golem to a tower and let him idle. He will begin to dance a jig which will fill up an upgrade bar, saving your hard-earned credits for towers.

Another interesting mechanic in this game revolves around the timer. When a wave starts, your time begins and if you destroy all of the enemies before the time runs out, you can either use these moments to recoup and build or you can press Y, which will send the next wave immediately and give you bonus credits. It’s a nice risk/reward mechanic that encourages speedy decision making. This game feels like a hefty package for the asking price, with 40 levels and a random level generator, fans of the tower defence genre will find a lot to like here, if they can finish them all.

The Soul of the Machine

The visuals of Metaltron aren’t much to write home about, but they are colourful, which adds to the feel of being in an alien world. The bright blues and purples pop, but the after 10 levels, the designs themselves seem a bit repetitive. The enemy design is basic, but they feel inspired by classic Warcraft characters, the first and second one especially. I must give the developer points as the game gave me the nostalgic feeling of playing Warcraft 2 in middle school.

The sound was an even more mixed bag. There was one song in the game that felt perfect. It started out with chip tune synth and was followed with distorted guitar. It felt like an exemplary song for defending your base. But then the rest of the soundtrack felt completely different. Some were bouncy and child-like, and they all played on a loop. After a few stages it felt like I heard the whole soundtrack three times over.

Wrench in the Gears

The development team at Blue Sunset Games has reached out to us and have since fixed the bugs that were halting my progress. After reloading the game with the new patch, I can safely say that there are no more crashes and the game is 100% complete-able.

Final Thoughts

Assault on Metaltron has the makings of being a very fun tower defence game. The gameplay is easy to understand and some of the level designs really require skilled planning to nab the “perfect”. Even after the main campaign is finished, there are still the endless challenges, making this a pretty hefty package for the price.


  • Easy to play
  • Interesting tweaks to TD formula
  • Dancing robots


  • Repetitive music
  • No Story

Assault on Metaltron is a simplistic tower defense with interesting ideas that is sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

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