[Accessories Review] Snakebyte Travel:Kit – Nintendo Switch Lite

Written by Thomas Haroldsen

In The Package

  • Price: €19,99
  • Current Sale: €12,12Subject to Change
  • Website: www.mysnakebyte.com
    • Protective travel and storage case for the Nintendo Switch Lite
    • 1.8m charge cable
    • Stereo earbuds
    • Control caps for enhanced grip and performance

Unzip It

When I purchased my Nintendo Switch Lite, I snagged the default case at the counter. Within the day I knew it would be a poor choice for long term protection and eventually lead to joycon drift as there was too much pressure applied directly on the analog sticks. (And yes, I know they technically aren’t joycon).

After a week passed, I finally decided to buy another case. This one a bit beefier and more sturdy. Yes, it provides ample protection but it’s nearly the size of a tank. It hardly made my Switch Lite more portable as it requires a backpack to lug it around. It seemed I could not find an adequate case to fit the small profile I wanted and the heavy protection I needed.

Travel Case

Enter Snakebyte! As a complete surprise, I received a package from Nintendad’s owner/editor. It contained the Switch Lite Travel:Kit and their tempered glass Screen:Shield Pro.

Snakebyte’s protective travel and storage case for the Nintendo Switch Lite is easily my favorite. It features a slim profile with a hardened shell. The zipper is of great quality and doesn’t slip. The interior has straps to hold the Switch in place with soft flap to cover the screen. On the other side of the flap you can insert eight game cards comfortably. A mesh pocket at the top of the case allows storage of a screen wipe, cord and earbuds.

All of the features aside, it offers the best protection for on the go gaming. Another aspect that stood out is the color scheme used. It uses the grey, yellow and teal from the three main Switch Lite options.

Charge Cable

The charge cable is a decent length and does exactly what it is intended for. It seemed like it took a little longer to provide a full charge but that was tough to gauge as circumstances were never the same when testing it out. I did use the charge cable on my pro controller and it worked well. The only thing it was unable to do was allow the pairing of a new controller.

Stereo Earbuds

Earbuds have become a dime a dozen it seems. I’ll find spare earbuds in odd places. The earbuds included in the Snakebyte Travel:Kit felt cheap in my hand and seemed like they would be another discarded listening apparatus that I would find in a random backpack months down the road. Surprisingly they fit well in my ears and were comfortable to wear. The audio was crisp and clear, making them a nice addition which will find a place in my common travel gear.

Control Caps

I’m honestly not sure what the purpose of controller caps are. They’re not something I would normally buy at any rate. Since the Switch Lite already features soft thumb sticks, I prefer the native controller. I did have a pair of joycon which lost the top of their analog sticks so I happily applied the Snakebyte control caps to them. Of course there was a marked difference and they found a home. Their inclusion in the Travel:Kit certainly warrants keeping them around as spares.

Screen:Shield Pro

To be clear, the tempered glass screen protector is not part of the Snakebyte Travel:Kit. Its quality is good and it was easy to apply. I will note, it did not come with application instructions and directs the user to their website. I followed the printed advice and visited the Snakebyte support site. When I clicked on the link for the Screen:Shield Pro manual it just cycles to an error 404 page. Not that a manual is required but it shouldn’t advertise something that isn’t truly provided.

Pack It Up

The Snakebyte case easily gets a five out of five. It’s exactly what I wanted out of a protective travel case for my Nintendo Switch Lite. At half the price I would opt to only purchase the travel case. Since doubling the price only adds earbuds, a charging cord which won’t pair controllers and unneccessary caps it’s hard to recommend the full Travel:Kit. Adding the Screen:Shield Pro would sweeten the pot but sadly that’s lacking.

I will add, at the time of this writing, the Travel:Kit is 39% off making it €12,12. I’m not sure how long it will be on sale for, but that price is definitely worth the purchase.

  • Travel Case 5/5
  • Charge Cable 4/5
  • Stereo Earbuds 4/5
  • Control Caps 1/5

The Snakebyte Travel:Kit boasts an outstanding case you won’t want to miss with passable add-ons.

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