[Review] 7th Sector – Nintendo Switch

Written by Brett Hill
  • Developer: Sergey Noskov
  • Publisher: Sometimes You
  • Release Date:  05/02/2020
  • Price: £17.99 $19.99
  • Review code provided by Sometimes You


7th Sector is a beautifully designed side-scrolling puzzle game set in a dystopian future where humans and robots co-exist. Starting off as an electrical spark travelling through wires and appliances in an apartment block with the hues of vibrant colours from neon signs seeping through the windows before taking to the rooftops and admiring the breathtaking views that are reminiscent from films like Bladerunner or Ghost In The Shell, which in recent years has had the obligatory Hollywood makeover. Sergey Noskov has done a fantastic job at capturing an atmospheric cyberpunk world and I would have to say its probably one of the best-looking indie title of 2020 so far.

Think Outside The Box

Majority of the game requires you to complete puzzles to progress through the storyline. They can range from pulling switches in order to understanding full-blown Boolean logic to activate generators, there is definitely enough variety to keep you on your toes. Thinking outside the box is imperative, literally check your surroundings for clues and numbers to help solve the conundrum.

The length of the campaign is just right taking a little over 5 hours to complete, any longer I feel 7th Sector would lose its magic and would become a grind as the puzzles can get slightly repetitive. The main protagonist isn’t your conventional character which makes the game more interesting, Who would have thought an electrical spark could conjure up so much personality?

As you progress through the game you will take control of many inanimate objects as you jump and spark life into the lifeless vessels, from remote control cars to cyborgs with machine guns attached there is lots of variety to keep you engaged. The controls are pretty easy to master with only having to move left, right and pressing the action button to interact with the environment. The only time the controls were awkward was during the remote control car section of the game, there were 3D elements to the level design where you had to move the car to the back of the environment and to the front again. This caused the car to not go where you wanted it to go when using the analogue stick. This is only a very short part in the game so didn’t have a huge effect on the experience.

A Visual Masterpiece

The visuals are outstanding for a side scroller, It has so much depth to it. The playable area in the forefront is seamless with the backdrop giving you that false illusion of freedom. The cyberpunk theme compliments the design of the puzzles and the soundtrack sets the mood and ambience perfectly, somehow combining a futuristic sound with a splash of the ’80s. A mixture of low-frequency synth sounds and computer noises like the scratching noise of a hard drive. It feels like a great fit as everyone knows that the greatest Cyberpunk films were released in the 80s.

The only issue I have with 7th Sector is the storyline. I got the main gist of the premise but throughout the game, it didn’t seem to make much sense and was all about the gameplay.


7th Sector has the potential to be a great adventure puzzle game, with the different characters you can morph into who have different attributes and the variety of puzzles the gameplay doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. There are parts which can feel repetitive especially certain sections of the game which require you to move left and right for long periods of time. But with the main campaign lasting just over 5 hours, Sergey has crafted the perfect balance of puzzle-solving and action. Even though It’s difficult to follow the story its a pretty epic journey.


• Amazing Visuals
• 4 different endings
• Control’s easy to pick up
• Variety of puzzles to keep the player interested


• The storyline doesn’t make sense and hard to follow
• Can feel a little repetitive in places
• Awkward controls during the remote control car scene

A cyberpunk-themed action-puzzle game with amazing visuals that will test your brain and will pay to think outside the box every now and then.

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