[Preview] New Super Lucky’s Tale

Written by Brett Hill

By @bretthill87

  • Launch: Autumn 2019
  • PEGI: 3+
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Publisher: Playful Studios

A highlight of my post E3 visit to Nintendo HQ was New Super Lucky’s Tale. A colourful, crisp and fresh looking 3D platformer that is reminiscent of the 90’s era. Lucky is an instantly lovable character who is full of personality and could easily earn a seat at the table to join the juggernauts of the 3D platforming world alongside Spyro, Crash, Gex and Croc.

There are a plethora of gameplay types to keep any player engaged whether you are a Sokoban master who loves to solve puzzles or a completionist and you feel the need to collect every last bit of treasure. There really is something for everyone of all ages.

The Switch version has been branded with ‘New’ in the title and by the sounds of it, Lucky’s tale has been given a massive overhaul with vast improvements to the controls and camera angles compared to the previous version released on the Xbox. That’s not all, there will be the addition of new levels, new storyline, new enemies and unlocks.

My time with Lucky was short but it left me wanting to play more, the demo had one playable level that was highly polished with no framerate issues whatsoever, the movement of Lucky was fluid with no embarrassing falls or deaths usually seen in games of this genre due to clunky controls. There is nothing new or groundbreaking here but with the solid gameplay, humorous storytelling and beautiful looking scenery, New Super Lucky’s Tale has built on the 3D platforming genre and done a fantastic job.

This is definitely a title that will be on my 2019 watch-list and Autumn can’t come soon enough.

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