[PAX EAST] Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game Showcase

Written by Derek Wright

Introducing: New Switch Multiplayer Games Coming Soon

The Nintendo Switch has received a cornucopia of multiplayer games since it arrived on the scene back in March of 2017. Consistently great co-op experiences have found their way to our favorite hybrid system, and that isn’t stopping anytime soon. At PAX, we saw quite a few games that could become the next big multiplayer experience! Without further ado, here are a few that are coming soon to a Switch near you!


This title has been causing a buzz here at the Nintendad Manor. Even though I had been unaware of it, many other writers and editors told me this game was one to be on the lookout for. Swimsanity is an underwater multiplayer shooting smorgasbord by Decoy Games. Featuring both a fully fleshed out four-player adventure mode and several competitive modes, this title brings chaos in many excellent ways.

The team at Decoy Games showed off quite a few adventure mode stages and they were full force chaotic, in a good way! There was either a giant enemy chasing us or a large group of smaller baddies pouring in. Teamwork will be needed to defeat everything that is thrown at you and your friends, who you can join up with either locally or online. Swimsanity is set to breach the Switch in June 2020.

Beat Me

From the Polish developers Red Limb Studios comes the physics-based party fighting game, Beat Me. While at first glance it may look like a Smash Bros-esque title, after spending a few minutes with Beat Me, it is easy to see this is a different beast altogether. This title features over 100 different levels and quick-fire design. Fights can take a minute or two, but most of the time they will end in 20-30 seconds. Fret not, as soon as one match ends, another level is loaded, and it begins again.

This made Beat Me feel unique as a loss didn’t feel like it took you out of the game like it does in Smash’s stock battle. Characters have a health bar, which can be depleted quickly from normal attacks or decimated instantly from stage hazards and bottomless pits. On the flip side, every win felt huge! If you outlasted or out maneuvered your foes, it gave a great sense of accomplishment. The next round would begin with the previous victor wearing a crown. Off them, and you take away their bragging rights! Beat Me is set to battle on the Switch in the near future.


I have an immense love of beat-em up games and when I first saw Mass Creation’s Shing!, the title immediately drew me to Shank. While the titles are not related, there is inspiration found there. Shing! is a four-player action game that the team is dubbing “beat ’em up 2.0,” and for good reason. It is a twin stick brawler. You read that right. The left stick moves your character while the right stick controls your attacks. It took a bit to get used to this system, but it was quite satisfying when I got the hang of it.

You control a group of ninja warriors tasked with fighting mystic beasts, demons and monsters. If that idea of four ninjas fighting monsters doesn’t immediately make you think of TMNT, then I’m telling you now, it should. This title harkens back to the arcade Turtles’ titles that featured four-player co-op, while bringing the series into the future. Sadly, there isn’t a clear release date, but Mass Creation intends to bring Shing! to the Nintendo Switch soon.

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

From Rogue Snail and Akupara Games comes Relic Hunters Zero: Remix, the top down looter-shooter reborn! This rouge-like shooter has been an indie hit on the PC for a few years and it is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Filled with brightly colored sprites and high energy music, this game feels like a modern take on Smash TV. While I was only able to experience the single player campaign in the demo, I can clearly see this game would be a blast for two players, just like Smash TV.

Aside from the campaign, which can be played with two players, Endless and Storm modes will also be available in the full package. Endless mode is like survival, in which you and your partner try to comb through waves and waves of baddies to get a higher score. Storm mode works in a similar fashion, but amps up the chaos. Relic Hunters Zero: Remix currently does not have a release date, but it is aiming for a Switch release soon!

It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains

What a name, am I right? This co-op shooter from Triangle Studios and All In! Games is actually available right now! It is a four-player, top-down shooter in which you and your team must fight the hordes of pink aliens that thirst for your brains. The first thing I noticed about this title was the art style, which is very reminiscent of Minecraft. The characters are all blocky, giant and simplistic, which isn’t a bad thing. When speaking with the development team, they stated that this game was meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Since they were aiming for a family-friendly title, they wanted to make the game look very game-y and silly. The aliens don’t look scary, just mean. Also, there isn’t blood and gore present, which makes it easy for most parents to feel comfortable letting their younger gamers play this. Aliens ooze, they don’t necessarily bleed, which makes it even more cartoony. But the real question is, is it fun? And yes, it was a blast to play with a partner. Shooting aliens in the survival mode was quite hectic and we were soon overwhelmed, partly due to my inexperience with the game. It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains is immediately available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch.

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