[PAX EAST] Hands On With 30XX

Written by Derek Wright

Introducing: 30XX Preview

As a kid, I rented games every weekend from the local video store. If an exciting new release wasn’t available, I always went back to trusty ol’ Mega Man X. I cannot recall how many times I rented this game or how many times I beat it in a weekend. This hardcore love of the game immediately sparked my interest in 30XX, which is heavily inspired by the X series. Before setting down to play the game, I watched a few other players go through the demo. From that brief time, I can say the homages to X are numerous and very tasteful. One enemy in particular looked like it could have been the offspring of Wheel Gator from X2.

The explosions from the mid and end bosses were also giant and glorious, which evoked an aspect of the X series that I love. Nothing makes you feel like you just dominated an evil robot more than seeing it decimated in a big, nasty explosion. After watching for a few more minutes, it was my turn to try the game out. I played co-op with Chris King, who is currently working on 30XX. He played Nina while I chose Ace, essentially X and Zero, respectively.

Robot Rougelike Madness

I hadn’t previously played 20XX, but Chris informed me about the basics I needed to know. It is a rouge-like, action-adventure game with lots of robots, jumping, shooting and stealing powers from the fallen bosses. Rouge-like X, why did I never play this game before? We jumped into a stage and while we weren’t currently playing on the Switch version, Chris stated it should have gameplay parity with the other versions. The graphics were bright, faux 16 and 32 bit sprites, but before I could stand around and admire them, the action started.

Stages felt fast-paced and hectic. There was always something to kill or something else trying to kill me, but it could also be that Chris kept us playing at a fast pace. Regardless if that was the case or not, it was a ton of fun going though these levels. As Ace, I used a sword for a majority of attacks which meant I did a lot of close-range fighting. It wasn’t my only option though as I could perform a sword toss which was perfect for dealing with the challenging bosses.

Infinite X

After defeating a boss, I was given the option to switch out my sword for a kunai, which gave me a bit more range. Both Ace and Nina can get new weapons after defeating bosses, but Nina is able to mix and match weapons to create new variations. Chris showed one of those mixtures which resulted in a scatter shot similar to what you would find in Contra. To add to the depth of the rouge-like elements, he informed me that there are now more distinct area variations than in the previous game.

Needless to say, after my short time with 30XX, I was very excited by what Chris and Battery Staple Games have been cooking up. Not only is this game going to be a solid rogue-like, action-adventure game, it will also be a solid co-op experience that will put the non-existent X9 to shame. This is the closest we will get to a new X game and I am perfectly fine with it.

30XX is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch in the near future!

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