Tuesday 17th August 2021

There’s only one product that I want to help promote this morning and that’s Lock-On 002 (although, as a quarterly publication, it begs the question of when we’ll see issues in the triple digits). Anyway, they’re back on KickStarter with the second edition of their premium gaming journal and it looks delightful once again, surpassing even the sheer decadence of 001, a feat that many thought nigh-on impossible. A one-trick pony, Lock-On ain’t! It’s already well on its way to being funded and this time even includes some fancy trading cards that’ll apparently have a robust ruleset and function as a playable game! to boot. Wild!

Viva print media

  • 156 pages softcover
  • 180 page hardcover
  • Limited edition and hand numbered
  • 245 x 200 mm
  • Custom OBI strip
  • Perfect bound
  • Litho print
  • Printed on 120gsm uncoated paper