Part-time Nintendad

It’s the return of the, oh wait, no way, you’re kidding me…

Well, it’s been a hot minute! To say we got too big for our boots is an understatement. In the glory days, we grew from a small blog to something of a monster – with substantial traffic and more partners than Leonardo DiCaprio. The cherry on the peak Nintendad cake was our weekly features, which offered an intriguing and inimitable take on the week’s hot topics within the Nintendo sphere. We had some truly talented writers on board too, without whom the site’s success wouldn’t have ever been possible. But then, my eyes became larger than my mouth. I launched a second site – albeit with the best of intentions. I wanted to create a space away from Nintendo, to talk about the approaching storm, as we entered the next (current)-gen. Alas, fate is a fickle mistress and she took away two of my most trusted lieutenants mere weeks from the launch of the site. Site two sat in limbo.

Yet, my desire to expand burned fiercer than ever. In a move even more ridiculous than the name of site two, I decided to merge the behemoth that was Nintendad with site two. Not a day passes that I don’t feel regret for brutally murdering Nintendad. So now, like a phoenix from the ashes, Nintendad will rise again. This time she, and more importantly I, know my limits and – by the same token – place within the industry. I’m not a pioneer; a modern-day Kanye making waves before inevitably having a full breakdown and crashing harder than that boat that Leonardo DiCaprio was on. I’m just another guy with a site, with a passion for video games, moderate writing skills, more ideas than a JJ Abrams sci-fi blowout out and, for the first time in forever that most precious of things, free time.

This is the way (mission statement)

Despite the witty moniker, Nintendad will cover all aspects of the gaming industry; from Nintendo to next-gen, toys to tech. I’ve got a fair few ideas for features so there will be plenty of varied content and on top of that, I’d still like to do reviews. However, I will be far less accommodating this time around and won’t accept any and every code sent my way. I’m still all for trying out varied gaming experiences, however, this time around I will only accept a code if there is a decent amount of time to cover it (preview access, embargoed content, etc.), unless of course it’s a live service game that needs an active audience. In this case, the content might not be the most timely. I will also evaluate each request based upon any other projects that I’m working on.

And I’m aware my traffic isn’t what it used to be but what I will always offer is comprehensive coverage. I won’t create content until I’ve finished the story of the game and fully explored all the game modes available. I’m also incredibly honest and trustworthy, with a what you see is what you get attitude. I’ve signed many a-NDAs in my time and never broke embargoes or shared privileged information.

Back in the way-back-when, I was considered something of a controller connoisseur. Some people even called me the controller King. I’ll still actively cover hardware, and always be on the lookout for unique and inimitable QoL products that elevate the gaming experience. I’m always open to pitches for collabs so if you’re a content creator looking to work with me, reach out. Of course, the same goes for developers, publishers and PR companies too.

Mastermind subjects

  • Action/Adventure
  • Sports
  • Puzzle
  • Platformer
  • RPG
  • Fighting
  • Family games
  • Innovative tech
  • Accessibility
  • QoL products
  • Controllers