Nintendad Recruitment Roles

Hey, listen! Whenever we have openings here at Nintendad, this is the place to be. Any and all available positions will be listed here – a one stop-shop on your way to games journalism greatness, if you will. Thank you so much for your interest in our humble site. We look forward to working with you.

*All roles are unpaid, but you will get perks and benefits, including review copies, interview opportunities, the chance to attend events like Gamescom and PAX East, and unsolicited photos of Kieran Fifield’s amiibo collection.


The ideal Editor-in-Chief has a wide range of skills, but more importantly, they’ll have an unwavering passion for Nintendad. That passion will extend beyond just games. It’ll encompass the wellbeing of the site, the team, and most importantly, the Nintendad audience. We wouldn’t be anything without the people who read our content, and our number one priority is to give those lovely folks the internet’s very best Nintendo coverage.


  • Facilitate day-to-day operations of the website
  • Stay in touch with Nintendad staff, assisting them in any way possible
  • Network with game developers, publishers, and PR contacts to set up reviews and interviews
  • Innovate with new concepts for features
  • Jump into the mix with reviews and opinion pieces of your own
  • Help recruit new writers
  • Generally, promote the growth of Nintendad through creative thinking