Nintendad Presents: Team Nintendad

Kieran –



When Kieran isn’t commanding the troops, he can be found locked in his amiibo cupboard crying over the one that got away, BoxBoy!! As his name alludes to Kieran mixes gaming time with being the proudest father to the most incandescent little girl.

Smash main – Young Link

Thomas Haroldsen


When Thomas isn’t delving into a dungeon in the lastest RPG he can be found having other adventures. Such as flying helicopters or scuba diving. Or perhaps the most dangerous and rewarding, raising a family of three children.

Smash main – Bayonetta

Chelsea Beardsmore



When Chelly isn’t working her editorial mojo, she’s probably out adding another 5 games to her ridiculous backlog…

Smash main – Kirby

Brett Hill

Brett’s love for Nintendo dates back to the historic times of the NES era, long before memory cards where a thing and Game Over truly meant Game Over. His favourite genre to play is a good old fashioned RSI inducing platformer. When he’s not Jumping over a brick or two his other passion is music. He plays bass in a rock band called SevenDaze which he thinks one day will be the biggest band on the planet…….. on the other hand I think he is slightly delusional.

Smash main – Ness

Derek Wright

While Schwetty may seem like the mysterious gamer obsessed with fighting games and the classics of yesteryear, he is more than he seems. He is also a mild mannered computer programmer with a taste for heavy metal and bluegrass.

Smash main – Ike



Thirsty Nintendo

Lachlan is a long time gamer from Australia, favouring JRPGs and 3d platformers. Besides gaming, he also spends time writing music, watching anime, and wishing he knew more Japanese. Lachlan has an unhealthy fascination with the Sega Saturn, and his passion for writing and gaming have led him down the path of reviewing games.

Smash main – Cloud


When Lloyd isn’t levelling up in some kind of RPG, he’s trying to navigate parenthood and taking his love of sports games on the go.

Smash main – Little Mac

Richard Strachan



When Richy isn’t prancing around Hyrule he can be found looking after his one year old son. In the (fleeting) minutes in between he can be found playing five-a-side football like Ronaldinho after 14 pints of lager, or getting choked into oblivion at Judo or Jiujitsu classes.

Smash main – Simon Belmont

Mel Curtis

When not working in corporate America, Mel can be found typing away in 4thewords and running out of podcasts to listen to.

Smash main – Joker

Tex Joachim

When Joachim isn’t playing video games, he’s
teaching and deviously sneaking video game or popular culture titbits
into lesson plans and exams.