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Man, if this week wasn’t a bit of a doozy for all of us here at Nintendad Manor. With some solid reviews under our belt, we turned to the news in the gaming world (not the real one.. YEEESH!!) and found that it was, well, pretty awesome. Let’s dig in.

Gaining the Crown (Tundra)

The Crown Tundra Key Art Visual (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

That’s right folks if you’re one of the millions of people who purchased the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass then you are probably pretty happy to see the end of it all culminate with the addition of the Crown Tundra. It’s a pretty cool addition to the series if I’m being honest. I mean… not that pokemon fans are just the slightest bit bitter that Sun and Moon already had this in the Ultra Expansions AND MORE….

ANYWHO! So what do you get with this new expansion? Lemme get my list…

  • New area to explore
  • A crazy looking Slowking
  • Every Legendary!
  • A new unique legendary Pokemon: Calyrex
  • Super sick versions of the Three Legendary Birds
  • A Gigantomax Meltan.

It looks like, you know, more Pokemon stuff, so if you like that kind of stuff then this is probably your jam! For me, I never got Sword or Shield and a legendary that looks like half a deer holding a giant blueberry on its head isn’t really doing it for me. Melmetal and the birds look AWESOME though. Get your brains ready for October 22nd!

Calamitous Announcement

That’s right, folks! We’re getting young Impa in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. She does all sorts of ninja actions and is generally pretty awesome. There’s some pretty cool gameplay as well. Gotta get me one of those little baby guardians!

Captain Alex Takes a Hit

If you haven’t been following a certain artistic genius like Captain Alex you rightly should. He’s amazing at what he does, which in this case is make unique custom Pro controller shells, based off of every character in Smash Ultimate, which was objectively amazing.


Now, as awesome as these controllers are (and there are TONS of other designs) it seems as though our good man was hit with a Cease and Desist Order by the ol’d Nintendo Ninjas. So he can’t make more of these amazing things. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for in 2020, a year that could literally use any form of good news out there. Well, give the man some love on his Etsy account. The controllers might be pricy, but JEEZ they look good.

Jumping Away?

For reasons that I still don’t understand, Nintendo continues to want to remove free and fun things from their services. I mean, not this one, but just barely. If you remember this lovely gem “Jump Rope Challenge” which has players using their Joy-Con to act like they’re jumping rope then you, I guess, will be happy to know that players of the game worldwide have amassed two and a half BILLION collective jumps. That’s… something? Well, it’s enough that Nintendo, who had previously decided to take this off of the eShop (for whatever reason) have now decided to keep this free game that has been universally enjoyed continually free (until further notice).

Crossing Seasons

Animal Crossing is heading to Fall! (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere then WHOOPSIES). There were a few things hidden in the trailer beside the standard Halloween fixings it looks like gardening has been added. You can grow pumpkins! Neat!


OH YEAH! Remember that huge thing that happened and was so insane and noteworthy that Twitter broke for a few minutes this morning? Something a bunch of us forgot was a rumor? Something… SMASH RELATED???

That’s right friends, yesterday we got the announcement that Smash Bros Ultimate was not only getting a new character, but that character would be announced a DAY from when they said they were gonna. So, who could it be? Was it Dante from Devil May Cry? Was it Geno (HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, but seriously Nintendo COME ON! I get that you’re waiting to announce Super Mario RPG on SNES online, BUT PLEASE!) Well, could it be…?

OH CRAP! It’s Steve from Minecraft! And he actually looks super interesting? I’m in! Now, I’m not gonna lie, Steve (and various alt skins) look a little out of place in all of this chaos. Maybe it’s from the last 7 years of Steve in Smash memes made in Source Filmmaker, or maybe it’s the way he moves, but he looks weeeeeird in motion. I’m sure it will be better after we play a bit of it, but it was certainly strange seeing a whole Minecraft world going on while Donkey Kong gets sent off into the depths on a minecart. The skins are fun for Steve though.

As you probably saw in the trailer, we get Steve, Alex, a Zombie and an Enderman (which means Amiibo of AT LEAST Steve) as well as some other… referential(??) skins as well. I mean, I’m not against having plaid pants (but if the pattern of these skins is male-female-male-female… does this mean Enderman is an Enderlady? Only, uh… Microsoft knows. I guess.)

Some of the attacks look crazy, though. There’s mining, crafting, TNT, wings, minecarts! There’s just a ton of stuff and we have to wait until Saturday to find out the rest of it. It should be cool. My favorite part of the entire presentation though was when Sakurai threw some shade of people who think that the Smash team can just, you know, make it work somehow.

Personally, it was pretty great to hear Sakurai give the higher ups at Nintendo some guff. This man is a planetary treasure. Long may he reign.

And that’s it, folks! Another week down and no more folding chairs slammed across my forehead. I call it a victory. Next week expect some more Smash stuff and whatever crazy thing Nintendo slaps our way. Until then, I’m gonna go to bed. It’s like… 2 AM here… I have work in 7 hours.


Shortly before this went live, Nintendo dropped a new trailer, offering a more hands-on look at Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. If you have a mansion, it looks neat. If, like most of us, you live in modest surroundings, it may be a little more limited. Regardless, it’s out in 2 weeks time, on October 16th. It seems as though, at launch at least l, it will only be available in Mario or Luigi flavour.

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