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Did you miss the old times when Nintendo used to give us periodic presentations about new stuff every month or two? Well, it seems like Nintendo decided that they like the idea of cramming as much of those presentations into a SINGLE WEEK as they can these days, because they went crazy this week with information! First an Indie World presentation, then a Smash character presentation AND THEN ANOTHER ONE all about Super Nintendo World in Japan! This week was NUTS!

So, let’s get going on the absolute AVALANCHE of stuff that happened this week!


Nintendo started the week off with an Indie World presentation that certainly delivered in some strange ways. There were, and I cannot express this seriously enough, a notable amount of cat-centric games. It was… well it was certainly something.

I hope you like trailers, because THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE GETTING!

Both Spelunky games are coming to the Switch! I mean, we have no idea when, but it’s happening! It’s pretty exciting as both of these games are super great (and tough as nails!) and will certainly join the ranks of great games and ports on the eShop. Very excited for this.

Fistifluffs is a… cat fighting game? It’s certainly cute as heck. It’s kind of perfectly ridiculous and I think I want it.

Very Very Valet is a crazy valet driving game where you compete against your friends to park in progressively insane places. It looks like it might be a fun party game to make for some good laughs. No release date, but it’s definitely on my radar.

Now Tunche looks like the absolute pinnacle of what Indie games are striving for. Tunche is a multiplayer beat ’em up in the same vein as Castle Crashers and I can tell you right now that I am HERE for this! The entire game takes place in the Amazon Jungle and you play one of five characters (including Hat Girl from a Hat in Time!) and fight some pretty gnarly monsters. It looks incredible and it comes out in March.

Yacht Club games came out swinging with another trailer for Cyber Shadow, their newest game and it is looking MIGHTY fine. Better than how good it looks is the release date. After months of wondering, we get to play this baby on January 26. Get excited people!

Did you ever want to run a cat cafe as a hyper cute girl? No? Well too bad! You’re gonna have that chance when Calico hits shelves immediately! The visuals might leave something to be desired, but it’ll certainly get its audience.

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure looks like it’ll be pretty cute and fun. Gather townsfolk to help the island you live on as well as take photos of said wildlife. Looks great.

Gnosia is essentially single player Among Us. It looks interesteing, but not exactly my jam.

Happy Game looks delightfully terrifying. I have no more words for Happy Game except that it was a MASSIVE tone shift. It looks to be horrifying in all the right ways. Hooray wonderful nightmares!

FINALLY! After what felt like forever, Super Meat Boy Forever has a release date AND IT’S NEXT WEEK! The game boasts having an absurd 2000+ levels. If it’s anything like Super Meat Boy from consoles of yore, this is gonna be a good time that will make me want to shatter my Switch into pieces. Hyped!

Grindstone, a super great Apple Arcade game is coming to switch immediately! The game has recieved some really great reviews so far, so having it on Switch is a nice addition. Glad to have it on board.

AMONG US! Voted multiplayer game of the year at the Game Awards and internet streaming sensation Among Us comes to Switch and it plays pretty well! By that I mean, it runs perfectly and is a great way to murder your friends and betray your friendships! For a quick fiver, this is worth all your time.

So that’s it for the Indie direct. Did anything else happen this week?

Oh, That’s Right. Sephiroth.

Thursday dropped a 35 minute presentation on the newest character, Sephiroth and BOY HOWDY is that a good time. Unfortunately, all great things must inevitably bring about great loss. In this case, we mourn the passing of our great friend: Geno.

I mean, yeah. We also got Barrett, Tifa and Aerith, but MAN there was a great disturbance in the Smash Universe as Geno became a Mii Fighter. It was a bad time, but I’m glad that he’s still repped in the game somehow. It’s not much, but I’ll take it.

Sephiroth came with some totally awesome features including a new Final Smash for Cloud if you pick one of his costumes based off of Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It’s a nice touch that they totally didn’t have to do, but I love it. However, you can tell that there is some SERIOUS love when it comes to putting Sephiroth in this game. Here’s some of the things they added in to show the love to the big boy with the sword:

  • His classic mode is a boss rush to show how he is the boss of bosses
  • A special victory pose mimicking a super iconic moment from FF7
  • The most detailed stage to date that shows the entire last fight in FF7
  • NINE more Final Fantasy songs

See, the biggest and best thing that Sakurai added was a mode called Sephiroth Battle, which is a limited time event. If you didn’t know, the official release date for Sephiroth in Smash is on the 22nd of December, but Sakurai decided in his infinite wisdom that being able to unlock him significantly earlier by besting him in a limited time event. Treating Sephiroth like the boss he is was such a GREAT move and now I want it to be the case going forward.

There’s tons of cool stuff in the presentation that you should look into. Seriously. Quality stuff.

Super Nintendo World!

Sure, Super Nintendo World isn’t coming to the states for another few years, but we did get a look into what the world of video gaming wonder would look like as Shigeru Miyamoto himself took us on a little tour! There were some really neat things that we got to see including a brief look at Mariokart AR, a really neat underground area (where you shrink!), and a Toad-based cafe where you could clearly see that Miyamoto was pretty well done talking to Toad after a few seconds. The tour included a quick look at a new toy (which looked pretty neat and was probably ASTRONOMICALLY expensive) and a good look at the gift shop: The 1up Factory. It’s really a charming place that I hope I can visit eventually. Or I can wait until 2024 when it shows up in California. Or Florida!


Some Kind of OK Games come to NSO

Earlier this week we also got an announcement that Donkey Kong Country 3 and a bunch of other games that you’ll totally forget about in 10 minutes came to the virtual console. DKC3 is easily the biggest hitter, but don’t sleep on Ignition Factor, as it’s actually a pretty cool game about being a fire fighter. Certainly a sleeper hit. But this all still raises the question: WHY DON’T WE HAVE ANY OTHER CONSOLES ON HERE?? Seriously, throw Gameboy or GBA on here. GIVE US N64 YOU COWARDS!

About as Non-Answer As You Can Get

Our big man Doug Bowser, the CEO of Nintendo America was asked about some of the bigger questions about the Switch a few days back and here’s what he said about said issues:

Joy-Con Drift: Yeah that sucks, but I don’t have much to say on it
April 1st 2021: Yeah we’re done celebrating Mario then.
Switch Pro: I have no idea what you’re talking about (but hints that if a Pro were to exist that it would not be portable)

It’s just a bunch of optimistic sounding corporate jargon. Big let down.

Preserved Forever

Forever Entertainment announced and launched a new website on the 18th of December. Forever Limited will serve as the physical outlet for Forever Entertainment S.A. As one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest publishers, this seems like a natural move to print their games on a cartridge for all the collectors out there.

A Limited Announcement

Official logo

Nothing goes hand in hand to Nintendad than our passing favor with limited edition physical editions of games for inflated prices! Wihtout further ado, we got wind that Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is coming to Switch! Getting the most expensive version of this gem comes with what I can only call and absolute dumptruck full of exclusives. Look at this!

Mega Collector's Edition

All joking aside, the game looks great. With remastered graphics, a killer soundtrack and all the love one could muster to throw in a remake like this, Asha looks to please fans of the already great Wonder Boy series. (Seriously! These are great games)


That’s it for this week. Sure a few other games got announced, but this is the main brunt of the big stuff that hit. So go out there and eat up all the great drops this week had. I know I certainly have had my fill of Among Us and Sephiroth. Join us next week as I try to see if anybody announces anything before Christmas. Maybe it’ll be a silent night? I’ll see myself out.

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