[Yesterday’s News Today] Acquisitions and Special Editions

Folks, unless you’ve been living under a rock right now, you’re probably aware that we out here in the States are looking for some good news after what can only be affectionately called “a rough week”. Thankfully, there were some pretty great announcements this week that give me some of the much needed light in my life.

Let’s Hunt Some Monsters

Capcom came out swinging this week with the addition of a Monster Hunter Rise presentation and it came with some big moments. Lemme-lemme break it on down for ya.

First, we got an entirely new area: The Frost Islands. You can tell that Capcom learned a lot from just how good Monster Hunter World: Iceborne was for the franchise as the current team has realized just how great ice areas are in games like this. This new area is packed with beastly bosses that look like they’re going to be a heck of a time to fight. Like… these things look NUTS. They have a bear-ogre that can make ice swords on its arm. There’s a LEECH DRAGON. Gross, but intriguing.

Secondly, they introduced an entirely new mechanic called “Wyvern Riding,” which is where you use the new wirebugs to wrangle a friggin’ monster so you can ride it like a dang HORSE! It might just be the craziest thing Monster Hunter has done yet. In the videos you watch as a hunter wrangles a Rathalos and uses it to fight Magnamalo, the boss monster for the entire game. It looks bonkers!

Lastly, the presentation ended off with Capcom announcing that there would be a demo that was available for a month or so. Every weapon is available for trial and there’s actually a fair amount of content to play with. This could be the beginning to a great year for gaming.

Oh, Right. Tetris 99…

Nintendo dropped that they were doing another Tetris 99 Maximus Cup, which honestly is kind of neat. It’s based on Kirby Fighters 2 and will have a totally awesome Kirby theme while you what? This is actually kind of crazy. Do you realize that Tetris 99 has had more support than the Switch Online service? Seriously, NINETEEN UPDATES! That’s a ton of content (given, it’s just reskins and new music) for a game like this. Please Nintendo, share the love!

Taking Things To The Next Level

Remember how Microsoft is buying like, every company so that they can make games for them to bring people in? Looks like Nintendo finally got the memo and picked up another studio to help make them great things. This comes in the form of Next Level Games, the geniuses behind such great games as Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario Strikers, and 2009’s Punch Out! It’s about time Nintendo picked these folks up as they have been producing some incredible quality over the years (and before somebody else snatches them up). Here’s to hoping that this is the beginning of a trend. Imagine if they picked up… oh I don’t know… Image and Form or WayForward. You know… just to name a few.

Hardback For The Hard Questions

For those of you who may not remember, back in the day there was a legendary man by the name of Satoru Iwata. By legendary, I mean that this man single-handedly saved a lot of the franchises that many of us love to this day: Earthbound and Pokemon specifically. The man is credited in his own wikipedia article with a section titled “Revitalization of the company”. So back in his prime, there were videos he would present called “Ask Iwata” wherein he would answer a variety of questions to better help the public understand a bunch of things about Nintendo and how they worked. It was awesome. So a bunch of people got together and compiled a bunch of statements and conversations with Mr. Iwata and put it in this nifty book you can buy soon! Am I excited about this book, you ask? More than you’d think!

The book hits shelves on April 13.


If you haven’t heard by now, Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Videogame Remastered comes out next week and people have been CLAMORING for a physical edition of the game. (It’s not like there wasn’t a way to get a copy of this game for like… 10 years or anything). So today we got this lovely image from Limited Run detailing what could be one of the more insane collector’s editions I have ever seen for a video game.

Look at this thing! There’s so much that comes with this edition! Postcards with the evil Exes, reversible covers made by both Brian Lee O’Malley AND the lead designer for Skullgirls, Mariel Kuniko Cartwright (who happens to be married to Tyson Hesse of Sonic Mania fame). There’s drumsticks, a diorama, stickers, a book and enough garbage to keep you happy for weeks! I mean, it’s $135 bucks, but LORDY I’m tempted! I mean, if I had money to blow…


And to close up this wonderful week, we have what might be my favorite story of the century. Apparently back in the Gamecube days, before the launch of those respective consoles Microsoft reached out to Nintendo to try and buy Nintendo to have access to all of those delicious first party titles. However, the talks did not go, how you might say, favorably. Reportedly, The entire team at Nintendo laughed them effectively out of the room. The fact that evidence of this meeting exists now fills me with unending joy. I am so happy. Like, tears in my eyes.

And that’s it folks! That’s all we have for this week. Be sure to tune in to next week when all of those rumors about the Switch Pro being announced with 35 new games turn out to be nothing and we all laugh the people who made those awful leaks are laughed out of their respective chat rooms. I, for one, look foreword to it.

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