[Yesterday’s News Today] Tumbleweeds

Written by Abram Buehner

I held this week’s installment of Yesterday’s News Today in order to furnish you all with WayForward’s tantalizing announcement in this afternoon’s Treehouse Live. I needed something, anything to save an otherwise vapid week. Did I get an announcement worthy of top billing?


With the timing of a deaf and blind DDR player combined with the grace of r/Pokémon, Nintendo royally (pardon my language!) bungled Treehouse Live. Pulling a Kapp’n assist trophy, Nintendo ended thirty minutes of Paper Mario footage by unceremoniously throwing WayForward under the bus as they announced the team’s new Switch exclusive. Is it Metroid? Nope, even though the categorical blunder of a PR announcement suggested as much (before it was meekly amended), this was not a Nintendo crossover. Is it another one of WayForward’s celebrated retro revivals? Nope, it’s Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia.

Please enjoy this game when it launches in November. Until then, please enjoy a ream of brain-dead think pieces on “unrealistic expectations,” that completely ignore any semblance of context or the notion that (gasp) maybe Nintendo makes mistakes too.

This is Driving Me Bananas

Donkey Kong Country is coming to the SNES Online app. Why are people excited? DKC is a wonderful little platformer, and a stunning example of what the SNES was capable of. However, without Donkey Kong Country 2: Dixie’s Foibles or Donkey Kong Country 3: Kiddy Kong’s Lunch Break, this feels like a weak offering. Perhaps my attitude can be attributed to the fact that I’ve already played DKC and have always wanted to try out its sequels, or perhaps my attitude can be attributed to Nintendo’s painful drip-feeding of classic titles. Regardless, like the dumb hypocrite I am, Earthbound coming to SNES Online would have me singing a different tune. You can play DKC and two other games I’ve never heard of when they launch to NSO members on 15/07.

Perhaps this is Getting Out of Hand?

Limited Run Games is a company that exists. As someone who doesn’t want to spend obscene amounts of money of physical versions of digital games and also doesn’t think the answer to game preservation is 3,000 copies of a random indie game, I’ve never cared about LRG’s prolific output. If you do care, you may be excited about the bajillion games that were announced during LRG3. You can check out the full presentation above, or check out this GameSpot article for a concise list of all the announcements.

Game Boy Color Gets the Last Laugh

Well, one actually exciting thing came out of Limited Run Games’ overwhelming barrage of reveals: the rerelease of the Game Boy Color cult hits Shantae and Xtreme Sports. In a begrudgingly exciting twist, not only will these games hit the Switch digitally and be released as Switch cartridges – LRG will also be printing them on GBC reproduction carts! Considering how illusive the original Shantae is, this is a great move. For more details on these games, check out WayForward’s official news post.

Nintendo Switch 2: Electric Bugaloo

Apparently, it wouldn’t be an installment of Yesterday’s News Today if we didn’t discuss a quote from President Shuntaro Furukawa. Well, in an investor meeting, Furukawa and Ko Shiota were asked about Nintendo’s next system. They said the following, as translated by Japanese Nintendo:

Could you tell us about the outlook for your next game system? Game hardware has always displayed an image on a TV or other kind of screen while you do something, and I think that’s where the limits for this format are. Would the hardware you’re thinking about go beyond those limits?

Shuntaro Furukawa (Representative Director and President): Our current generation game system, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year since launch, but its momentum is increasing. We believe there are two factors behind this. First is the existence of two hardware configurations with different characteristics, in Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The second factor is that Nintendo’s development resources are concentrated on developing content for a single platform, Nintendo Switch. We want to extend the life cycle of Nintendo Switch while maximising such advantages.

Ko Shiota (Director, Senior Executive Officer): In addition to the performance aspects (higher technical specifications), Nintendo’s dedicated video game platforms are developed with a focus on providing a comfortable environment for consumers to play fun software. From the perspective of playing with the image displayed on a TV, we believe that because consumers can play Nintendo Switch on a TV or the game console screen itself, it has greatly increased the opportunities for gameplay in various scenes in their lives, compared to previous consoles. Through Nintendo Switch, we’ve made many discoveries about where a dedicated video game platform can fit into a consumer’s daily life. We see scenes on social media of children and their families sitting around a game console to play, which gives us a renewed sense of the value of our dedicated video game platform. We will utilise these experiences in carefully considering the form our future game consoles will take.

As long as this suggests that Nintendo is going to stick to a hybrid design, that would be, as the kids say, neato mosquito.

Well Well Well, How the Turn Tables

Considering that I write for a UK-based site, it’s probably heresy for me to quote the US version of The Office here. However, it’s also heresy for Nintendo to release yet another Paper Mario game with intrinsic design flaws. That seemingly isn’t stopping Nintendo though, as the next round of Origami King previews have dropped – alongside the ball. While I don’t believe that Paper Mario needs to be an RPG to succeed, it does need to be designed elegantly with rock-solid fundamentals. When Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat says that he’s already trying to avoid battles that largely don’t have a point – we have a problem. Last week I was riding high on The Origami King, this week I’m feeling let down.

The Great Un-Delay

Well, it turns out that Crysis Remastered actually isn’t delayed on Nintendo Switch. Not much to say here. Enjoy it when it launches on July 23rd. Or don’t, I suppose. I’m not your dad, I can’t tell you what to do.

This is the part where I tell you that you’re now caught up on another week of Nintendo news. Then I make a joke about next week being the week when Metroid will get announced. Well, I simply don’t have the energy for it this week. Maybe we’ll get the announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe or maybe nothing will happen. Who really knows. Maybe I’ll even throw a huge wrench in the mix and just turn next week’s news roundup into a Ghost of Tsushima hype article. You’ll just have to check back in and find out!

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