[News] Super Rare Games to donate all funds raised through T-Shirt sales to Charity for the next 7 days

Written by Kieran Fifield

Give a little, get a lot

As I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, the YouTube personality Etika was found dead after taking his own life. The events leading up to this most untimely of demises once again brought to light the struggles of mental health and how they can affect anybody from any walk of life.

Whilst the entire community has gathered to help raise awareness and offer support, one campaign that has really caught my eye is the one that George Perkins, the founder of Super Rare Games has put together. As someone who suffers from his own afflictions, this is certainly something that has hit home hard, and as such, his reaction has been swift.

For the next 7 days, all funds generated from sales of T-Shirts from the Super Rare Games store will go directly to the charity Mind.

Links to T-Shirts
1 – https://superraregames.com/products/super-rare-t-shirt-1
2 – https://superraregames.com/products/srt-2-black-and-white-t-shirt
3 – https://superraregames.com/products/srt-3-grey-t-shirt

Please, buy yourself a new top and help make a difference.

RIP Etika. I didn’t know you, but you have left us too soon. ❤

The T-Shirts are incredibly high quality and I practically live in them! For the small price to donate, you will receive this great item whilst also knowing that all the money will be going to an incredibly good place! Super Rare Games will make no money from any purchases and will all go to charity.

On a personal level, I will also donate £200 on-top of the money we receive through all generous purchases made.

And to anyone reading this who is struggling, I think we often forget how interlinked our existences are and how many people care about us all. If you are not feeling well, please talk to someone. You are never a burden and those that love you will always be there <3. If anyone ever needs to vent, I am always here and I hope that our games can give you all some level of enjoyment. My emails are always open and I care about each and every one of you that has supported this company. Before Super Rare I was in a very dark place and thanks to you all I am no longer there.

Speak soon,

All the best,
George Perkins

Source: Email from George Perkins

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