[Yesterday’s News Today] Pokémon Mania and Rabbits Jumping Rope

E3 may be on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean that we’re short on Nintendo news! From the first, second, and third parties, it has been an eventful few days. Join me as we take a look at the biggest breaking stories.

Let’s Jump into it!

While the community waits with bated breath for key announcements ranging from the Super Smash Bros. ARMS fighter to an HD port of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Nintendo skipped right to a different game, shadow dropping it on the eShop. This title, Jump Rope Challenge, is a simple exercise program created by a handful of Nintendo developers who are working from home in Japan. While the Big N may be in double Dutch with fans for opting to allocate time to this game in light of their overall lacking communication, this free download is worth checking out.

Take a Picture, it’ll Last Longer

After twenty long years, the Pokémon Company has decided to finally make a new Pokémon Snap… aptly titled New Pokémon Snap. While the DSi, Wii U, and 3DS’ systems onboard cameras made a hypothetical Snap sequel seem like a no-brainer – New Pokémon Snap’s Switch exclusivity precludes such integration. It does, though, allow for some of the most vibrant and lively Pokémon vistas ever created. Partially a function of Bandai Namco’s involvement with the game and partially a function of the Switch’s power, the game looks stunning. While it’s unclear whether the game will launch in 2020 or whether the development team will do the right thing by allowing this game to be controlled with the Labo Camera, you can check out the reveal trailer above.

Brushing with Bulbasaur

The aforementioned New Pokémon Snap was announced during this week’s Pokémon Presents, a non-Direct that featured far more than that one title. In a continued attempt to monopolize your children’s nightly routine, Pokémon Sleep has been joined by Pokémon Smile – an edutainment app all about brushing your teeth. The app is available on iOS and Android for free, right now, and you can check out its reveal trailer above.

Starbucks and Staryu

If the bizarre art style and concept of Pokémon Smile is deeply off-putting to you like it is to me, perhaps Pokémon Café Mix will be a nice palate cleanser. It’s a new, free-to-start puzzle title all about running a Pokémon Café. Much like New Pokémon Snap, the title says it all. Pulling elements from the Trozei spin-off series – the best Pokémon puzzle franchise – this is one to keep an eye on. You can preload Pokémon Café Mix on Nintendo Switch now. The game will launch on Switch and mobile platforms on June 23rd.

Pokémon Pandemonium

Well, if that wasn’t enough Pokémon news for you – you’re in luck. As the old adage goes, why have one Pokémon Presents showcase, when you can have two? On June 24th, we’ll be treated once again to a presentation, this time for a big upcoming project. The question remains whether it’ll end up being Detective Pikachu 2 or a game worth dedicating an entire Pokémon Presents to. Sinnoh remakes? Let’s Go Johto? Only time will tell.

My Nintendo, What a Card!

In an attempt to appease the ghost of Club Nintendo, limited physical rewards are coming to My Nintendo in Europe! Currently, you can get a set of Mario Hanafuda Postcards for a meager 400 platinum points… and the cost of shipping. It’s a start, all things considered. Whatever you do, though, don’t check out the Japanese My Nintendo rewards (including a Monado smartphone accessory and a Dodo Airlines tote bag) because they’re much better than any other region and will only serve to make you jealous.

Breaking Bricks and Banks

Hopefully you’re still hanging onto your New Super Mario Bros. 2 coin horde, because you’ll need all one million to afford this range of LEGO Super Mario Sets and Expansions. Detailed in a new trailer, Nintendo revealed not one, not two, but eight new LEGO Super Mario Expansions. In addition to these larger supplemental offerings, individual character packs that house classic Mario minions will be sold in blind bags. While getting a random power-up from a Question Block has proven to be timeless, getting a random LEGO Mario enemy from a Character Pack is less tantalizing. Check out the trailer above for a comprehensive look at the LEGO Super Mario experience. The LEGO Super Mario line will grab the flagpole and your wallet on August 1st.

Singing Songs of Sora on Switch

After Square Enix spent several years heartlessly porting Kingdom Hearts titles to PS4 and Xbox One but not Switch – the hybrid system is finally getting a taste of the series. The Kingdom Hearts representation on the console is somewhat goofy, though. While scrooges like this humble scribe hoped to see ports of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix, the Nintendo ecosystem will instead be receiving Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. While it’s no Theatrhythm, Melody of Memory will bring rhythm gameplay and 140 music tracks to fans around the world. Check out the game’s reveal trailer ahead of its release later in 2020.

E-YAY Play

Since the Nintendo-centric nature of this roundup makes any chatter about how sublime Star Wars Squadrons looks nothing more than a non-sequitur, that discussion will be saved for a later time. Speaking of which, the EA Play showcase finally revealed Apex Legends will be coming to Nintendo Switch at an undisclosed time later this Fall. Details past that remain hazy, however the Switch version will support cross-play. EA has also reaffirmed their commitment to Switch by vaguely saying that a total of seven EA titles will hit the platform in the next twelve months. Outside of Burnout Paradise Remastered, FIFA, and Apex Legends, the other games remain a mystery. Will one of those be a port of 2005’s Star Wars Battlefront II with restored servers? No, but I’d certainly like it to be.

Not the Best, but the Rest

While the biggest stories have been chronicled, much more happened this week. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour is bringing cumbersome subtitles and a host of new content to Switch on June 23rd. Check out its eShop listing for the details and a 50% off preorder deal. With that out of the way, let’s carry on. Carrion is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer, both physically and digitally. Finally, after being delayed, a phantom from Nintendo’s past, Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer, will be menacing players on Switch starting June 23rd.

And with that, you’re caught up. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Yesterday’s News Today, where we’ll be talking about a brand-new 2D Metroid and Twintelle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… a boy can dream!

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